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For a detailed explanation of what a Regular Expression (Regex) is , please visit wikipedia.

In order to adjust the behaviour of the regex commands, certain flags can be set when using them. Flags are specified at the end of the pattern and start with /. Flags need to be lowercase. If there are any non-flag characters in the flags they will be ignored and considered part of the pattern itself. "I'm a coOkIe clicker" regexMatch ".*cookie.*/gio"// Flag g, i and o are set

Flag Description (short) Description (detailed)
g Global Only relevant for regexReplace and regexFind. Missing global flag sets format_first_only flag (source) and only replaces first occurrence with regexReplace and only returns first element with regexFind
i Case insensitive -
n noSubs
« When performing matches, all marked sub-expressions (expr) are treated as non-marking sub-expressions (?:expr). No matches are stored in the supplied std::regex_match structure and mark_count() is zero » – c++ reference (source)
o Optimize Optimize pattern, pattern creation is slower, but will execute more efficiently (source)
If no flags are specified, the default flags are set to g and i. It is valid to specify / to indicate no flags, first match only, case sensitive.

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