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Information about addons for Operation Flashpoint and the Resistance upgrade.

What are OFP Addons?

OFP Addons are content additions to Operation Flashpoint developed and released by members of the community or Bohemia Interactive themselves.

How do I install Addons?

1. Addons go into your \Addons , or \Res\Addons folder. Or custom modfolders. In most cases, the addon can be selected in the Mission editor after that. It is advisable to read the Readme so you know where the unit is listed.

2. Custom Skies come with an installer. Be sure to read the Readme carefully for installation instructions. Custom skies are generally automaticly installed in their own modfolders.

3. Custom Animations can either be put in a modfolder (foldername\dta\Anim.pbo), or replace the (Res\)dta\Anim.pbo file, (original Anim.pbo can be fetched from your Resistance CD at anytime).

3. Custom Campaigns can also be stored in a modfolder (foldername\Campaigns\). This cannot be done with Single Missions. However, read the modfolders article, for a fair enough alternative.

Finding Addons

While there are plenty of addons available, finding them can be challenging. OFP.info is an excellent starting point for locating addons.

BI released an offical WWI Camel Fighter addon as demonstration of the Addon at Ease Initiative

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