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Note that the following items are startup parameters for use only with the original Operation Flashpoint (OFP) game series for the PC.

These parameters can be configured by creating a new shortcut on your desktop and then adding the appropriate option.


"C:\...\OperationFlashpoint\FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE" -nomap -nosplash -mod=@winter

Display Options

-x=            Numeric, used to set resolution width
-y=            Numeric, used to set resolution height
-window        Displays OFP windowed instead of fullscreen
-nosplash      Disables intro and codemasters splash screens
-benchmark     Intended for automated benchmarking, but was never
               finished and is not working.


-mod=      Allows you to subdivide your addons into different folders,
           folder names seperated by semi-colons.
           See modfolders for more information.
-nomap     Uses an alternate memory mapper for additional addon capacity.
-cfg=      Selects a config file like your flashpoint.cfg.

Network Options

-port=         Port to host dedicated server on.
-password=     Password to join dedicated server.
-sockets       Selects sockets-mode for server hosting, can not be used
               with -dplay.
-dplay         Selects DirectPlay-mode for server hosting, not available
               on linux, can not be combined with -sockets.
-ranking=      Unknown
-config=       Config file for server specific stuff like admin password
               and mission selection.
-netlog        Location for network game log files.
-host          Kicks in dedicated server mode on non-dedicated-server exe,
               (windows only obviously).
-connect=      Client-side, server to connect to.
-name=         Client-side, User name.
-pid=          Sets the process ID, linux-only?
-logfiles      Name of files to log to, probably only MP server relevant.

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