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==OFP Leagues / Tournaments==
==OFP Leagues / Tournaments==
[http://www.border-conflict.de.vu/ Border Conflict League]<br>
'''[http://www.border-conflict.de.vu/ Border Conflict League]''' - www.border-conflict.de.vu/ is 404<br>
[http://www.clanzone-league.com/ ClanZone League]<br>
'''[http://www.clanzone-league.com/ ClanZone League]''' - in Japanese only<br>
[http://www.classiccombatleague.com/ Classic Combat League]<br>
'''[http://www.classiccombatleague.com/ Classic Combat League]''' - last news post June 14, 2006; last Forum post January 4, 2008<br>
[http://www.onlinewarfare.net/ Online Warfare]<br>
'''[http://www.onlinewarfare.net/ Online Warfare]''' - seems dedicated to gaming hardware<br>
[http://www.tntleague.net TNT League]
'''[http://www.tntleague.net TNT League]''' - no such

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Tournaments are an essential part of the competitive multiplayer arena of Operation Flashpoint.

OFP Leagues / Tournaments

Border Conflict League - www.border-conflict.de.vu/ is 404
ClanZone League - in Japanese only
Classic Combat League - last news post June 14, 2006; last Forum post January 4, 2008
Online Warfare - seems dedicated to gaming hardware
TNT League - no such

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