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Bohemia Interactive and Bohemia Interactive Community Projects

Bohemia Interactive's Games

Armed Assault is a new game from Bohemia Interactive. It is a true successor to Operation Flashpoint , due for release "Summer 2006", as soon as a publisher is willing to raise a hand.

Operation Flashpoint was released after long development in 2001 followed by an expansion pack Resistance and created the new benchmark in modern realistic military gaming.

Next Generation PC game is Bohemia's "next" project after Armed Assault. There's very little information known up to this point. This game is also sometimes refered to as Game 2 and there's no official name announced for it.

As to Operation Flashpoint 2 Bohemia Interactive don't have rights to the trade mark Operation Flashpoint (Codemasters, publisher of the original OFP does), so unless Codemasters publish a next game from Bohemia Interactive there's no reason to cover such a game on these pages.

Before Operation Flashpoint some other games were finished by Bohemia Interactive and the Spanel brothers.

Bohemia Interactive's Simulations

VBS1 is the military brother of Operation Flashpoint specifically tailored for real soldiers to use as a training and simulation tool.

VBS2 is a new version of the proven military training tool by Bohemia Interactive based on new generation of Bohemia Interactive's proprietary technology.

Community Projects

Finnish Defense Forces is a large and complex Finnish modification of Operation Flashpoint.


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