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This is everything returned by
Commands that been added (scroll down) been removed from the list to speed up the progress of getting them all linked in.

String t:SCALAR
String t:BOOL
String t:ARRAY
String t:STRING
String t:NOTHING
String t:ANY
String t:IF
String t:WHILE
String t:FOR
String t:SWITCH
String t:WITH
String t:CODE
String t:OBJECT
String t:VECTOR
String t:TRANS
String t:ORIENT
String t:SIDE
String t:GROUP
String t:TEXT
String t:SCRIPT
String t:TARGET
String t:CONFIG
String t:DISPLAY
String t:CONTROL
String t:TASK
String b:OBJECT,GROUP enableattack BOOL
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfonth5b STRING
String b:ARRAY isflatempty ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlsettextcolor ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lnbdeletecolumn SCALAR
String b:OBJECT removeaction SCALAR
String b:OBJECT neartargets SCALAR
String b:STRING setmarkersizelocal ARRAY
String b:OBJECT campreparefov SCALAR
String b:LOCATION setsize ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setmimic STRING
String b:OBJECT disableconversation BOOL
String b:SCALAR setfsmvariable ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetstructuredtext TEXT
String b:LOCATION attachobject OBJECT
String b:OBJECT kbreact ARRAY
String b:OBJECT action ARRAY
String b:OBJECT fire STRING
String b:OBJECT fire ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lnbsetcurselrow SCALAR
String b:CONTROL newoverlay CONFIG
String b:ANY exec STRING
String b:OBJECT,GROUP lockwp BOOL
String b:OBJECT setparticlecircle ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lnbpicture ARRAY
String b:OBJECT campreparerelpos ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lnbsetcolumnspos ARRAY
String b:ARRAY findemptyposition ARRAY
String b:OBJECT animationphase STRING
String b:GROUP addvehicle OBJECT
String b:CONTROL removemenuitem SCALAR
String b:CONTROL removemenuitem STRING
String b:CONTROL setobjectarguments ARRAY
String b:NAMESPACE getvariable STRING
String b:CONTROL getvariable STRING
String b:OBJECT getvariable STRING
String b:GROUP getvariable STRING
String b:TEAM_MEMBER getvariable STRING
String b:TASK getvariable STRING
String b:LOCATION getvariable STRING
String b:OBJECT assignasdriver OBJECT
String b:CONTROL lnbdata ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lnbsettext ARRAY
String b:OBJECT hcgroupparams GROUP
String b:OBJECT settargetage STRING
String b:IF then CODE
String b:IF then ARRAY
String b:STRING setmarkersize ARRAY
String b:SCALAR cuttext ARRAY
String b:OBJECT campreparedive SCALAR
String b:TEAM_MEMBER addteammember TEAM_MEMBER
String b:CODE foreachmemberteam TEAM_MEMBER
String b:OBJECT addlivestats SCALAR
String b:DISPLAY createdisplay STRING
String b:CONTROL updatedrawicon ARRAY
String b:OBJECT triggerattachobject SCALAR
String b:OBJECT setface STRING
String b:OBJECT setrank STRING
String b:CONTROL addmenuitem ARRAY
String b:SIDE setfriend ARRAY
String b:TEAM_MEMBER sendtask ARRAY
String b:OBJECT engineon BOOL
String b:ARRAY synchronizewaypoint ARRAY
String b:OBJECT synchronizewaypoint ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lbadd STRING
String b:FOR step SCALAR
String b:CONTROL drawicon ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lnbaddcolumn SCALAR
String b:CONTROL ctrlcommit SCALAR
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT nearroads SCALAR
String b:OBJECT moveincargo OBJECT
String b:OBJECT moveincargo ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lbpicture SCALAR
String b:STRING ppeffectcommit SCALAR
String b:SCALAR ppeffectcommit SCALAR
String b:ARRAY ppeffectcommit SCALAR
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT domove ARRAY
String b:CONTROL inserteditorobject ARRAY
String b:WHILE do CODE
String b:WITH do CODE
String b:FOR do CODE
String b:SWITCH do CODE
String b:OBJECT settriggeractivation ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lbcolor SCALAR
String b:OBJECT setvehicleinit STRING
String b:ARRAY setwaypointtimeout ARRAY
String b:OBJECT lockturret ARRAY
String b:OBJECT camsetfocus ARRAY
String b:OBJECT switchlight STRING
String b:IF exitwith CODE
String b:SCALAR cutfadeout SCALAR
String b:OBJECT setdamage SCALAR
String b:OBJECT camsetdive SCALAR
String b:DISPLAY displayctrl SCALAR
String b:FOR from SCALAR
String b:CONTROL createmenu SCALAR
String b:OBJECT lockedturret ARRAY
String b:STRING setmarkershapelocal STRING
String b:CONTROL lbisselected SCALAR
String b:ARRAY setwaypointdescription STRING
String b:OBJECT switchcamera STRING
String b:CONTROL listobjects STRING
String b:OBJECT addrating SCALAR
String b:OBJECT campreparefocus ARRAY
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT nearobjectsready SCALAR
String b:OBJECT removealleventhandlers STRING
String b:OBJECT gethidefrom OBJECT
String b:CONTROL allow3dmode BOOL
String b:CONTROL drawlocation LOCATION
String b:OBJECT setdropinterval SCALAR
String b:SIDE getfriend SIDE
String b:OBJECT setpos ARRAY
String b:STRING setmarkershape STRING
String b:CONTROL seteditorobjectscope ARRAY
String b:OBJECT land STRING
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT nearentities SCALAR,ARRAY
String b:STRING setmarkertextlocal STRING
String b:OBJECT setlightambient ARRAY
String b:OBJECT removesimpletask TASK
String b:ANY spawn CODE
String b:OBJECT campreparefovrange ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setvectorup ARRAY
String b:SIDE countside ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlsettooltipcolortext ARRAY
String b:OBJECT campreparedir SCALAR
String b:OBJECT limitspeed SCALAR
String b:CONTROL getobjectargument ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setdestination ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setunitability SCALAR
String b:CONTROL showneweditorobject ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ondoubleclick STRING
String b:STRING iskindof STRING
String b:OBJECT iskindof STRING
String b:OBJECT kbwassaid ARRAY
String b:CONTROL editobject STRING
String b:ARRAY intersect ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setvehiclearmor SCALAR
String b:CONTROL nmenuitems SCALAR,STRING
String b:CONTROL ctrlmapscreentoworld ARRAY
String b:TEAM_MEMBER unregistertask STRING
String b:GROUP != GROUP
String b:SIDE != SIDE
String b:TEXT != TEXT
String b:TASK != TASK
String b:OBJECT joinassilent ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setvectordirandup ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setflagside SIDE
String b:ARRAY setwaypointtype STRING
String b:OBJECT emptypositions STRING
String b:CODE foreachmember TEAM_MEMBER
String b:TASK settaskstate STRING
String b:OBJECT enablesimulation BOOL
String b:OBJECT forcespeed SCALAR
String b:OBJECT moveindriver OBJECT
String b:CONTROL drawarrow ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlremovealleventhandlers STRING
String b:LOCATION setrectangular BOOL
String b:CONTROL addmenu ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setvehicleposition ARRAY
String b:OBJECT assignascargo OBJECT
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT sideradio STRING
String b:OBJECT moveincommander OBJECT
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfontp STRING
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfontp SCALAR
String b:STRING createvehiclelocal ARRAY
String b:OBJECT triggerattachvehicle ARRAY
String b:STRING setmarkerpos ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetautoscrolldelay SCALAR
String b:CONTROL setdrawicon ARRAY
String b:OBJECT landat SCALAR
String b:OBJECT setskill ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setskill SCALAR
String b:STRING setmarkeralphalocal SCALAR
String b:OBJECT savestatus STRING
String b:OBJECT diarysubjectexists STRING
String b:ARRAY setwaypointscript STRING
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfont STRING
String b:CONTROL lbsetvalue ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setrepaircargo SCALAR
String b:OBJECT setvehicleid SCALAR
String b:DISPLAY displayaddeventhandler ARRAY
String b:TEAM_MEMBER setleader TEAM_MEMBER
String b:DISPLAY closedisplay SCALAR
String b:CONTROL getobjectchildren STRING
String b:CONTROL ctrlsettooltip STRING
String b:CONTROL lbtext SCALAR
String b:OBJECT stop BOOL
String b:OBJECT countunknown ARRAY
String b:ARRAY select SCALAR
String b:ARRAY select BOOL
String b:CONFIG select SCALAR
String b:OBJECT addmagazinecargo ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setparticleparams ARRAY
String b:CONTROL deleteeditorobject STRING
String b:OBJECT cameraeffect ARRAY
String b:CONTROL showlegend BOOL
String b:CONTROL lnbsetvalue ARRAY
String b:EXCEPTION catch CODE
String b:OBJECT setunitpos STRING
String b:STRING ppeffectadjust ARRAY
String b:SCALAR ppeffectadjust ARRAY
String b:OBJECT selectdiarysubject STRING
String b:OBJECT selectionposition STRING
String b:STRING setmarkeralpha SCALAR
String b:CONTROL drawrectangle ARRAY
String b:SCALAR preloadobject STRING,OBJECT
String b:ARRAY allowgetin BOOL
String b:ANY execvm STRING
String b:CODE foreach ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlshow BOOL
String b:STRING setmarkerbrush STRING
String b:TEAM_MEMBER registertask STRING
String b:TASK settaskresult ARRAY
String b:OBJECT enablereload BOOL
String b:OBJECT setunconscious BOOL
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT nearobjects SCALAR,ARRAY
String b:OBJECT turretunit ARRAY
String b:OBJECT countenemy ARRAY
String b:OBJECT creatediarysubject ARRAY
String b:ANY execfsm STRING
String b:ANY call CODE
String b:OBJECT selectweapon STRING
String b:OBJECT setvehiclelock STRING
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfonth2b STRING
String b:OBJECT setflagtexture STRING
String b:OBJECT switchmove STRING
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT commandtarget OBJECT
String b:CONTROL onshownewobject STRING
String b:OBJECT attachto ARRAY
String b:CONTROL drawline ARRAY
String b:OBJECT,GROUP setgroupid ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lnbvalue ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setvehicleammo SCALAR
String b:OBJECT camsetpos ARRAY
String b:STRING createvehicle ARRAY
String b:CONTROL progresssetposition SCALAR
String b:CONTROL ctrlremoveeventhandler ARRAY
String b:ARRAY setwaypointstatements ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlenable BOOL
String b:OBJECT respawnvehicle ARRAY
String b:OBJECT flyinheight SCALAR
String b:OBJECT setidentity STRING
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT settitleeffect ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lnbtext ARRAY
String b:ARRAY joinsilent OBJECT,GROUP
String b:STRING ppeffectenable BOOL
String b:ARRAY ppeffectenable BOOL
String b:SCALAR ppeffectenable BOOL
String b:OBJECT switchgesture STRING
String b:DISPLAY displayseteventhandler ARRAY
String b:OBJECT camcommit SCALAR
String b:OBJECT allowdammage BOOL
String b:CONTROL ctrlmapcursor ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfonth4b STRING
String b:OBJECT loadidentity STRING
String b:TEAM_MEMBER createtask ARRAY
String b:LOCATION settext STRING
String b:LOCATION setside SIDE
String b:OBJECT,GROUP setbehaviour STRING
String b:OBJECT hcremovegroup GROUP
String b:CONTROL loadoverlay CONFIG
String b:OBJECT assignasgunner OBJECT
String b:OBJECT playmove STRING
String b:CONTROL posscreentoworld ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setfaceanimation SCALAR
String b:STRING counttype ARRAY
String b:ARRAY setwaypointposition ARRAY
String b:BOOL && BOOL
String b:OBJECT groupchat STRING
String b:OBJECT globalchat STRING
String b:FOR to SCALAR
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfonth6b STRING
String b:OBJECT useaudiotimeformoves BOOL
String b:OBJECT groupselectunit ARRAY
String b:CONTROL updatemenuitem ARRAY
String b:OBJECT,GROUP setformdir SCALAR
String b:STRING createunit ARRAY
String b:GROUP createunit ARRAY
String b:CONTROL removedrawlinks ARRAY
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT commandchat STRING
String b:SCALAR cutrsc ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lnbsetpicture ARRAY
String b:CONTROL geteditorobjectscope STRING
String b:CONTROL drawlink ARRAY
String b:OBJECT lockdriver BOOL
String b:CONTROL lnbaddrow ARRAY
String b:STRING setmarkercolorlocal STRING
String b:OBJECT lock BOOL
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetbackgroundcolor ARRAY
String b:OBJECT camsetfovrange ARRAY
String b:OBJECT globalradio STRING
String b:STRING setmarkertext STRING
String b:OBJECT enableai STRING
String b:OBJECT synchronizeobjectsremove ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lbsetselected ARRAY
String b:OBJECT addscore SCALAR
String b:OBJECT playaction STRING
String b:GROUP addwaypoint ARRAY
String b:STRING camcreate ARRAY
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT commandmove ARRAY
String b:STRING,TEXT setattributes ARRAY
String b:OBJECT synchronizeobjectsadd ARRAY
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT commandfollow OBJECT
String b:CONTROL seteditormode STRING
String b:OBJECT ammo STRING
String b:OBJECT lightattachobject ARRAY
String b:OBJECT skill STRING
String b:CONTROL ctrlmapanimadd ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlmapworldtoscreen ARRAY
String b:ARRAY resize SCALAR
String b:ARRAY setwaypointcompletionradius SCALAR
String b:OBJECT findnearestenemy ARRAY,OBJECT
String b:OBJECT setunitposweak STRING
String b:OBJECT removemagazines STRING
String b:OBJECT playgesture STRING
String b:TASK setsimpletaskdescription ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setdir SCALAR
String b:OBJECT camsettarget OBJECT
String b:OBJECT camsettarget ARRAY
String b:ARRAY set ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setvectordir ARRAY
String b:OBJECT moveto ARRAY
String b:CONTROL getobjectproxy STRING
String b:CODE count ARRAY
String b:GROUP setgroupicon ARRAY
String b:GROUP setgroupiconparams ARRAY
String b:CONTROL evalobjectargument ARRAY
String b:STRING addpublicvariableeventhandler CODE
String b:DISPLAY createmissiondisplay STRING
String b:LOCATION setposition ARRAY
String b:STRING setmarkertypelocal STRING
String b:OBJECT groupradio STRING
String b:OBJECT setfuelcargo SCALAR
String b:OBJECT hcsetgroup ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setdammage SCALAR
String b:STRING hintc STRING
String b:STRING hintc TEXT
String b:OBJECT setcaptive SCALAR,BOOL
String b:OBJECT settriggerstatements ARRAY
String b:OBJECT findcover ARRAY
String b:OBJECT,GROUP setcombatmode STRING
String b:TEAM_MEMBER setcombatmode STRING
String b:OBJECT loadstatus STRING
String b:CONTROL removedrawicon ARRAY
String b:OBJECT assignteam STRING
String b:CONTROL lbsetcursel SCALAR
String b:OBJECT camsetfov SCALAR
String b:OBJECT,GROUP setspeedmode STRING
String b:OBJECT settriggertext STRING
String b:SCALAR setradiomsg STRING
String b:OBJECT,GROUP setformation STRING
String b:TEAM_MEMBER setformation STRING
String b:OBJECT joinas ARRAY
String b:DISPLAY displayremoveeventhandler ARRAY
String b:ARRAY setwaypointbehaviour STRING
String b:CONTROL allowfileoperations BOOL
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT seteffectcondition STRING
String b:TASK sendtaskresult ARRAY
String b:OBJECT createsimpletask ARRAY
String b:CONTROL setvisibleiftreecollapsed ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfontpb STRING
String b:CONTROL editorseteventhandler ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lbsetcolor ARRAY
String b:OBJECT creatediaryrecord ARRAY
String b:LOCATION setimportance SCALAR
String b:GROUP getgroupicon SCALAR
String b:NAMESPACE setvariable ARRAY
String b:CONTROL setvariable ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setvariable ARRAY
String b:GROUP setvariable ARRAY
String b:TEAM_MEMBER setvariable ARRAY
String b:TASK setvariable ARRAY
String b:LOCATION setvariable ARRAY
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT dowatch ARRAY
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT dowatch OBJECT
String b:OBJECT setvehiclevarname STRING
String b:OBJECT campreparetarget OBJECT
String b:OBJECT campreparetarget ARRAY
String b:CONTROL moveobjecttoend STRING
String b:ARRAY + ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lnbsetdata ARRAY
String b:ANY onmapsingleclick STRING,CODE
String b:OBJECT setlightcolor ARRAY
String b:CODE foreachmemberagent TEAM_MEMBER
String b:SCALAR atan2 SCALAR
String b:OBJECT setposasl ARRAY
String b:ARRAY setwppos ARRAY
String b:OBJECT sendsimplecommand STRING
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfonth1 STRING
String b:OBJECT moveingunner OBJECT
String b:CONTROL ctrlsettext STRING
String b:ARRAY nearestobject STRING
String b:ARRAY nearestobject SCALAR
String b:OBJECT addeventhandler ARRAY
String b:OBJECT campreload SCALAR
String b:ARRAY - ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lnbsetcolor ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfonth2 STRING
String b:STRING setmarkerdir SCALAR
String b:ARRAY setwaypointcombatmode STRING
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetactivecolor ARRAY
String b:SIDE knowsabout OBJECT
String b:CONTROL lnbdeleterow SCALAR
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfonth3 STRING
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT commandfsm ARRAY
String b:OBJECT lockcargo ARRAY
String b:OBJECT lockcargo BOOL
String b:CONTROL ctrlsettooltipcolorshade ARRAY
String b:ARRAY setwaypointformation STRING
String b:CONTROL slidersetspeed ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setcamerainterest SCALAR
String b:OBJECT modeltoworld ARRAY
String b:STRING setmarkerposlocal ARRAY
String b:OBJECT playmovenow STRING
String b:ANY in ARRAY
String b:OBJECT assignascommander OBJECT
String b:OBJECT countfriendly ARRAY
String b:STRING setmarkercolor STRING
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT dotarget OBJECT
String b:OBJECT addmagazine STRING
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT sidechat STRING
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfonth4 STRING
String b:GROUP setcurrentwaypoint ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrladdeventhandler ARRAY
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT commandfire OBJECT
String b:CONTROL drawellipse ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfonth5 STRING
String b:OBJECT addweaponcargo ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lbsetdata ARRAY
String b:SCALAR getfsmvariable STRING
String b:OBJECT disableai STRING
String b:OBJECT saveidentity STRING
String b:LOCATION settype STRING
String b:LOCATION setname STRING
String b:CONTROL ctrlsettooltipcolorbox ARRAY
String b:OBJECT camcommand STRING
String b:OBJECT sethit ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfonth6 STRING
String b:OBJECT getspeed STRING
String b:OBJECT removemagazine ARRAY,STRING
String b:OBJECT lockedcargo SCALAR
String b:CONTROL lnbcolor ARRAY
String b:CONTROL slidersetposition SCALAR
String b:CONTROL lbvalue SCALAR
String b:GROUP removegroupicon SCALAR
String b:CONTROL slidersetrange ARRAY
String b:STRING setmarkerbrushlocal STRING
String b:OBJECT removeweapon STRING
String b:TEAM_MEMBER addresources ARRAY
String b:OBJECT addweapon STRING
String b:OBJECT campreparepos ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setformationtask STRING
String b:OBJECT inflame BOOL
String b:OBJECT camconstuctionsetparams ARRAY
String b:OBJECT switchaction STRING
String b:SCALAR setairportside SIDE
String b:OBJECT,GROUP allowfleeing SCALAR
String b:CONTROL addeditorobject ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetposition ARRAY
String b:ARRAY showwaypoint STRING
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT commandradio STRING
String b:CONTROL findeditorobject ARRAY
String b:CONTROL findeditorobject ANY
String b:OBJECT setflagowner OBJECT
String b:CONTROL posworldtoscreen ARRAY
String b:LOCATION setdirection SCALAR
String b:ARRAY setwaypointhouseposition SCALAR
String b:OBJECT campreparebank SCALAR
String b:STRING setmarkertype STRING
String b:OBJECT camcommitprepared SCALAR
String b:CONTROL lbsetpicture ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setvelocity ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfade SCALAR
String b:OBJECT setcurrenttask TASK
String b:OBJECT sethidebehind ARRAY
String b:SCALAR max SCALAR
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT commandwatch ARRAY
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT commandwatch OBJECT
String b:CONTROL show3dicons BOOL
String b:OBJECT camsetdir SCALAR
String b:CONTROL setobjectproxy ARRAY
String b:TEAM_MEMBER setfromeditor BOOL
String b:SCALAR mod SCALAR
String b:SCALAR cutobj ARRAY
String b:OBJECT moveinturret ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setlightbrightness SCALAR
String b:OBJECT directsay STRING
String b:OBJECT buildingexit SCALAR
String b:OBJECT synchronizetrigger ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfontheighth1 SCALAR
String b:ARRAY,OBJECT dofollow OBJECT
String b:OBJECT setposasl2 ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetautoscrollrewind BOOL
String b:CONTROL ctrlseteventhandler ARRAY
String b:SCALAR min SCALAR
String b:OBJECT setparticlerandom ARRAY
String b:CONTROL execeditorscript ARRAY
String b:OBJECT playactionnow STRING
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfontheight SCALAR
String b:OBJECT animate ARRAY
String b:OBJECT setobjecttexture ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfontheighth2 SCALAR
String b:ARRAY targetsaggregate ARRAY
String b:OBJECT assigntoairport SCALAR
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfonth1b STRING
String b:TASK setsimpletaskdestination ARRAY
String b:BOOL || BOOL
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfontheighth3 SCALAR
String b:ARRAY findemptypositionready ARRAY
String b:ARRAY find ANY
String b:OBJECT settriggertype STRING
String b:OBJECT camsetbank SCALAR
String b:OBJECT setunitrank STRING
String b:BOOL and BOOL
String b:SWITCH : CODE
String b:GROUP == GROUP
String b:SIDE == SIDE
String b:TEXT == TEXT
String b:TASK == TASK
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetautoscrollspeed SCALAR
String b:OBJECT hcselectgroup ARRAY
String b:OBJECT targetsquery ARRAY
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfontheighth4 SCALAR
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetscale SCALAR
String b:OBJECT leavevehicle OBJECT
String b:GROUP leavevehicle OBJECT
String b:CONTROL lookatpos ARRAY
String b:STRING setmarkerdirlocal SCALAR
String b:OBJECT setammocargo SCALAR
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfontheighth5 SCALAR
String b:OBJECT addaction ARRAY
String b:GROUP addgroupicon ARRAY
String b:OBJECT settriggerarea ARRAY
String b:CONTROL lbdata SCALAR
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfonth3b STRING
String b:CONTROL lbdelete SCALAR
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetfontheighth6 SCALAR
String b:GROUP selectleader OBJECT
String b:OBJECT camsetrelpos ARRAY
String b:OBJECT remotecontrol OBJECT
String b:OBJECT setfuel SCALAR
String b:TEAM_MEMBER removeteammember TEAM_MEMBER
String b:OBJECT removeeventhandler ARRAY
String b:ARRAY setwaypointspeed STRING
String b:CONTROL ctrlsetforegroundcolor ARRAY
String b:CONTROL selecteditorobject STRING
String b:GROUP copywaypoints GROUP
String b:OBJECT settriggertimeout ARRAY
String b:CODE else CODE
String b:DISPLAY displayremovealleventhandlers STRING
String u:updateobjecttree CONTROL
String u:formattext ARRAY
String u:hcallgroups OBJECT
String u:markerdir STRING
String u:captivenum OBJECT
String u:triggertext OBJECT
String u:setgroupiconsselectable BOOL
String u:lnbdeletecolumn ARRAY
String u:camerainterest OBJECT
String u:playersnumber SIDE
String u:clearweaponcargo OBJECT
String u:owner OBJECT
String u:fillweaponsfrompool OBJECT
String u:ceil SCALAR
String u:boundingcenter OBJECT
String u:getarray CONFIG
String u:showcompass BOOL
String u:iskeyactive STRING
String u:showradio BOOL
String u:flag OBJECT
String u:showwarrant BOOL
String u:forcemap BOOL
String u:showpad BOOL
String u:lnbcurselrow CONTROL
String u:lnbcurselrow SCALAR
String u:lnbsetcurselrow ARRAY
String u:hcselected OBJECT
String u:lnbpicture ARRAY
String u:markercolor STRING
String u:progressloadingscreen SCALAR
String u:createmine ARRAY
String u:showwatch BOOL
String u:diag_log ANY
String u:lnbsetcolumnspos ARRAY
String u:isnumber CONFIG
String u:closedialog SCALAR
String u:landresult OBJECT
String u:triggeractivation OBJECT
String u:tolower STRING
String u:lnbdata ARRAY
String u:lnbsettext ARRAY
String u:reloadenabled OBJECT
String u:commandstop ARRAY,OBJECT
String u:waypointtimeout ARRAY
String u:showcommandingmenu STRING
String u:cuttext ARRAY
String u:captive OBJECT
String u:for STRING
String u:for ARRAY
String u:estimatedtimeleft SCALAR
String u:getmarkertype STRING
String u:screentoworld ARRAY
String u:getdir OBJECT
String u:ctrlautoscrollrewind CONTROL
String u:inflamed OBJECT
String u:processdiarylink STRING
String u:airportside SCALAR
String u:lbadd ARRAY
String u:atg SCALAR
String u:flagowner OBJECT
String u:deg SCALAR
String u:lnbaddcolumn ARRAY
String u:sqrt SCALAR
String u:typename ANY
String u:assignedgunner OBJECT
String u:composetext ARRAY
String u:isarray CONFIG
String u:lbpicture ARRAY
String u:ctrlcommitted CONTROL
String u:movetime OBJECT
String u:setdate ARRAY
String u:createagent ARRAY
String u:ctrlmapanimclear CONTROL
String u:lbcolor ARRAY
String u:onhcgroupselectionchanged STRING,CODE
String u:lnbaddarray ARRAY
String u:driver OBJECT
String u:animationstate OBJECT
String u:formationdirection OBJECT
String u:titletext ARRAY
String u:inputaction STRING
String u:simpletasks OBJECT
String u:ctrlscale CONTROL
String u:createguardedpoint ARRAY
String u:waypointspeed ARRAY
String u:secondaryweapon OBJECT
String u:ctrlmapanimcommit CONTROL
String u:failmission STRING
String u:markertype STRING
String u:assignedvehiclerole OBJECT
String u:direction OBJECT
String u:direction LOCATION
String u:direction LOCATION
String u:asin SCALAR
String u:lnbclear CONTROL
String u:lnbclear SCALAR
String u:creategroup SIDE
String u:mapanimadd ARRAY
String u:reload OBJECT
String u:hcshowbar BOOL
String u:rating OBJECT
String u:dissolveteam STRING
String u:nextmenuitemindex CONTROL
String u:ctrlshown CONTROL
String u:localize STRING
String u:scriptname STRING
String u:importallgroups CONTROL
String u:currenttask OBJECT
String u:saveoverlay CONTROL
String u:createteam ARRAY
String u:showhud BOOL
String u:putweaponpool OBJECT
String u:ppeffectcreate ARRAY
String u:ppeffectcreate ARRAY
String u:nearestlocation ARRAY
String u:nearestlocation ARRAY
String u:commandgetout ARRAY,OBJECT
String u:roadsconnectedto OBJECT
String u:triggertimeout OBJECT
String u:fromeditor TEAM_MEMBER
String u:savevar STRING
String u:parsetext STRING
String u:ongroupiconoverenter STRING,CODE
String u:sleep SCALAR
String u:cos SCALAR
String u:someammo OBJECT
String u:commitoverlay CONTROL
String u:text STRING
String u:text LOCATION
String u:text LOCATION
String u:clearoverlay CONTROL
String u:actionkeysnames ARRAY,STRING
String u:movetofailed OBJECT
String u:atan SCALAR
String u:damage OBJECT
String u:collapseobjecttree CONTROL
String u:side OBJECT
String u:side GROUP
String u:side LOCATION
String u:side LOCATION
String u:titlersc ARRAY
String u:ongroupiconclick STRING,CODE
String u:setterraingrid SCALAR
String u:isnull OBJECT
String u:isnull GROUP
String u:isnull CONTROL
String u:isnull DISPLAY
String u:isnull TASK
String u:isnull LOCATION
String u:isnull LOCATION
String u:triggertype OBJECT
String u:default CODE
String u:formleader OBJECT
String u:loadfile STRING
String u:isonroad ARRAY,OBJECT
String u:members TEAM_MEMBER
String u:titlecut ARRAY
String u:oncommandmodechanged STRING,CODE
String u:assignedtarget OBJECT
String u:triggerarea OBJECT
String u:hintsilent STRING,TEXT
String u:ln SCALAR
String u:agent TEAM_MEMBER
String u:lbsetvalue ARRAY
String u:setmouseposition ARRAY
String u:isclass CONFIG
String u:taskcompleted TASK
String u:locationposition LOCATION
String u:locationposition LOCATION
String u:taskhint ARRAY
String u:getmarkersize STRING
String u:numbertodate ARRAY
String u:faction OBJECT
String u:group OBJECT
String u:drop ARRAY
String u:lbtext ARRAY
String u:gearslotdata CONTROL
String u:synchronizedobjects OBJECT
String u:terminate SCRIPT
String u:nearestobjects ARRAY
String u:camusenvg BOOL
String u:format ARRAY
String u:finite SCALAR
String u:waypointhouseposition ARRAY
String u:geteditorcamera CONTROL
String u:showmap BOOL
String u:worldtoscreen ARRAY
String u:list OBJECT
String u:leader OBJECT
String u:leader GROUP
String u:leader TEAM_MEMBER
String u:lnbsetvalue ARRAY
String u:currentweapon OBJECT
String u:toarray STRING
String u:lbcursel CONTROL
String u:lbcursel SCALAR
String u:lbselection CONTROL
String u:lnbgetcolumnsposition CONTROL
String u:lnbgetcolumnsposition SCALAR
String u:configname CONFIG
String u:getmarkerpos STRING
String u:cameraeffectenablehud BOOL
String u:goto STRING
String u:taskdescription TASK
String u:execvm STRING
String u:waypointtype ARRAY
String u:markersize STRING
String u:ctrlshow ARRAY
String u:preloadtitlersc ARRAY
String u:setacctime SCALAR
String u:tg SCALAR
String u:morale OBJECT
String u:with NAMESPACE
String u:not BOOL
String u:waypointattachedobject ARRAY
String u:assert BOOL
String u:setwind ARRAY
String u:createmarkerlocal ARRAY
String u:str ANY
String u:execfsm STRING
String u:enableradio BOOL
String u:fleeing OBJECT
String u:isnil STRING,CODE
String u:teammember OBJECT
String u:call CODE
String u:restarteditorcamera CONTROL
String u:ctrlautoscrollspeed CONTROL
String u:locked OBJECT
String u:ctrlmapanimdone CONTROL
String u:isagent TEAM_MEMBER
String u:copytoclipboard STRING
String u:isshowing3dicons CONTROL
String u:lbsortbyvalue CONTROL
String u:actionkeysimages ARRAY,STRING
String u:tostring ARRAY
String u:assignedvehicle OBJECT
String u:hcremoveallgroups OBJECT
String u:lnbvalue ARRAY
String u:onpreloadstarted STRING,CODE
String u:units GROUP
String u:units OBJECT
String u:movetocompleted OBJECT
String u:actionkeys STRING
String u:formationposition OBJECT
String u:scriptdone SCRIPT
String u:createvehicle ARRAY
String u:aisfinishheal ARRAY
String u:completedfsm SCALAR
String u:ctrlenable ARRAY
String u:playmission ARRAY
String u:clearmagazinecargo OBJECT
String u:lnbtext ARRAY
String u:progressposition CONTROL
String u:ctrlmapscale CONTROL
String u:moveout OBJECT
String u:requiredversion STRING
String u:triggerstatements OBJECT
String u:expecteddestination OBJECT
String u:createdialog STRING
String u:setgroupiconsvisible ARRAY
String u:position OBJECT
String u:position LOCATION
String u:position LOCATION
String u:canunloadincombat OBJECT
String u:exp SCALAR
String u:enablesentences BOOL
String u:round SCALAR
String u:items OBJECT
String u:endmission STRING
String u:markershape STRING
String u:waypointbehaviour ARRAY
String u:teamtype TEAM_MEMBER
String u:commander OBJECT
String u:teamname TEAM_MEMBER
String u:waypointscript ARRAY
String u:preloadcamera ARRAY
String u:canmove OBJECT
String u:waypointstatements ARRAY
String u:setplayable OBJECT
String u:addswitchableunit OBJECT
String u:! BOOL
String u:parsenumber STRING
String u:pickweaponpool OBJECT
String u:floor SCALAR
String u:rankid OBJECT
String u:lbclear CONTROL
String u:lbclear SCALAR
String u:cutrsc ARRAY
String u:lnbsetpicture ARRAY
String u:preprocessfilelinenumbers STRING
String u:preprocessfile STRING
String u:datetonumber ARRAY
String u:lnbaddrow ARRAY
String u:camcommitted OBJECT
String u:createlocation ARRAY
String u:createlocation ARRAY
String u:name OBJECT
String u:name LOCATION
String u:name LOCATION
String u:alive OBJECT
String u:comment STRING
String u:showgps BOOL
String u:dogetout ARRAY,OBJECT
String u:getmarkercolor STRING
String u:type TASK
String u:type LOCATION
String u:type LOCATION
String u:nearestlocationwithdubbing ARRAY
String u:nearestlocationwithdubbing ARRAY
String u:simulationenabled OBJECT
String u:unlockachievement STRING
String u:ppeffectdestroy SCALAR
String u:ppeffectdestroy ARRAY
String u:gunner OBJECT
String u:closeoverlay CONTROL
String u:waypointattachedvehicle ARRAY
String u:skill OBJECT
String u:registeredtasks TEAM_MEMBER
String u:rectangular LOCATION
String u:rectangular LOCATION
String u:playscriptedmission ARRAY
String u:markerpos STRING
String u:triggeractivated OBJECT
String u:removeallweapons OBJECT
String u:clearvehicleinit OBJECT
String u:isrealtime CONTROL
String u:addweaponpool ARRAY
String u:sin SCALAR
String u:formationmembers OBJECT
String u:isformationleader OBJECT
String u:removeswitchableunit OBJECT
String u:count ARRAY
String u:count CONFIG
String u:nearestbuilding OBJECT
String u:taskstate TASK
String u:activatekey STRING
String u:lockeddriver OBJECT
String u:if BOOL
String u:isplayer OBJECT
String u:getdammage OBJECT
String u:inheritsfrom CONFIG
String u:hintc STRING
String u:titleobj ARRAY
String u:assignedcommander OBJECT
String u:createtrigger ARRAY
String u:lbsort CONTROL
String u:ctrlactivate CONTROL
String u:ppeffectcommitted STRING
String u:ppeffectcommitted SCALAR
String u:scopename STRING
String u:log SCALAR
String u:lbsetcursel ARRAY
String u:ctrltext CONTROL
String u:ctrltext SCALAR
String u:dostop ARRAY,OBJECT
String u:waypointformation ARRAY
String u:enableteamswitch BOOL
String u:attachedobject LOCATION
String u:attachedobject LOCATION
String u:startloadingscreen ARRAY
String u:canstand OBJECT
String u:scudstate OBJECT
String u:lbsetcolor ARRAY
String u:ongroupiconoverleave STRING,CODE
String u:magazines OBJECT
String u:markeralpha STRING
String u:campreloaded OBJECT
String u:+ SCALAR
String u:+ ARRAY
String u:lnbsetdata ARRAY
String u:currentwaypoint GROUP
String u:getpos OBJECT
String u:getpos LOCATION
String u:getpos LOCATION
String u:ctrlmapmouseover CONTROL
String u:creatediarylink ARRAY
String u:nearestobject ARRAY
String u:sliderposition CONTROL
String u:sliderposition SCALAR
String u:compile STRING
String u:stopped OBJECT
String u:sliderspeed CONTROL
String u:sliderspeed SCALAR
String u:currentcommand OBJECT
String u:istext CONFIG
String u:getnumber CONFIG
String u:ishidden OBJECT
String u:attackenabled OBJECT,GROUP
String u:createmarker ARRAY
String u:typeof OBJECT
String u:textlog ANY
String u:assigneddriver OBJECT
String u:ctrlsettext ARRAY
String u:tan SCALAR
String u:canfire OBJECT
String u:positioncameratoworld ARRAY
String u:markerbrush STRING
String u:taskdestination TASK
String u:primaryweapon OBJECT
String u:- SCALAR
String u:hcleader GROUP
String u:lnbsetcolor ARRAY
String u:lnbdeleterow ARRAY
String u:taskresult TASK
String u:getgroupiconparams GROUP
String u:getposasl OBJECT
String u:creategeardialog ARRAY
String u:resources TEAM_MEMBER
String u:switch ANY
String u:ctrlsetfocus CONTROL
String u:slidersetspeed ARRAY
String u:preloadtitleobj ARRAY
String u:ctrlenabled CONTROL
String u:ctrlenabled SCALAR
String u:formationleader OBJECT
String u:throw ANY
String u:showcinemaborder BOOL
String u:onteamswitch STRING,CODE
String u:sliderrange CONTROL
String u:sliderrange SCALAR
String u:fuel OBJECT
String u:waypointcombatmode ARRAY
String u:lbsetdata ARRAY
String u:groupselectedunits OBJECT
String u:taskparent TASK
String u:speed OBJECT
String u:try CODE
String u:publicvariable STRING
String u:toupper STRING
String u:removeallitems OBJECT
String u:lightdetachobject OBJECT
String u:camdestroy OBJECT
String u:ctrlfade CONTROL
String u:taskchildren TASK
String u:priority TASK
String u:lnbcolor ARRAY
String u:lightison OBJECT
String u:assignedcargo OBJECT
String u:slidersetposition ARRAY
String u:detach OBJECT
String u:lbvalue ARRAY
String u:crew OBJECT
String u:slidersetrange ARRAY
String u:currenttasks TEAM_MEMBER
String u:size LOCATION
String u:size LOCATION
String u:echo STRING
String u:triggerattachedvehicle OBJECT
String u:showsubtitles BOOL
String u:ctrlautoscrolldelay CONTROL
String u:random SCALAR
String u:local OBJECT
String u:ctrlparent CONTROL
String u:disableuserinput BOOL
String u:geteditormode CONTROL
String u:selectplayer OBJECT
String u:acos SCALAR
String u:effectivecommander OBJECT
String u:lbsetpicture ARRAY
String u:supportinfo STRING
String u:selectbestplaces ARRAY
String u:setviewdistance SCALAR
String u:activateaddons ARRAY
String u:ismarkedforcollection OBJECT
String u:currentmagazine OBJECT
String u:gettext CONFIG
String u:waypointcompletionradius ARRAY
String u:lbsize CONTROL
String u:lbsize SCALAR
String u:waypointshow ARRAY
String u:markertext STRING
String u:finddisplay SCALAR
String u:ctrlposition CONTROL
String u:abs SCALAR
String u:cutobj ARRAY
String u:surfaceiswater ARRAY
String u:titlefadeout SCALAR
String u:setarmorypoints SCALAR
String u:rank OBJECT
String u:score OBJECT
String u:needreload OBJECT
String u:onpreloadfinished STRING,CODE
String u:speedmode OBJECT,GROUP
String u:ctrltype CONTROL
String u:formation OBJECT,GROUP
String u:formation TEAM_MEMBER
String u:private ARRAY,STRING
String u:setaperture SCALAR
String u:isengineon OBJECT
String u:selectededitorobjects CONTROL
String u:ingameuiseteventhandler ARRAY
String u:addmagazinepool ARRAY
String u:surfacetype ARRAY
String u:waypointdescription ARRAY
String u:camtarget OBJECT
String u:combatmode OBJECT,GROUP
String u:getgroupicons GROUP
String u:cleargroupicons GROUP
String u:lbdata ARRAY
String u:nearestlocations ARRAY
String u:nearestlocations ARRAY
String u:lbdelete ARRAY
String u:rad SCALAR
String u:precision OBJECT
String u:getwppos ARRAY
String u:ctrlvisible SCALAR
String u:debuglog ANY
String u:lifestate OBJECT
String u:lnbsize CONTROL
String u:lnbsize SCALAR
String u:createcenter SIDE
String u:case ANY
String u:image STRING
String u:sizeof STRING
String u:formationtask OBJECT
String u:enablesaving BOOL,ARRAY
String u:importance LOCATION
String u:importance LOCATION
String n:shownwatch
String n:shownwarrant
String n:distributionregion
String n:diag_frameno
String n:safezonew
String n:safezoneh
String n:disableserialization
String n:shownradio
String n:sideenemy
String n:cameraon
String n:missionstart
String n:allgroups
String n:safezonex
String n:cursortarget
String n:controlnull
String n:tasknull
String n:playerside
String n:safezoney
String n:cameraview
String n:clearmagazinepool
String n:nil
String n:sideunknown
String n:clearradio
String n:savingenabled
String n:grpnull
String n:shownmap
String n:shownpad
String n:civilian
String n:sidefriendly
String n:savegame
String n:mapanimdone
String n:finishmissioninit
String n:teamswitchenabled
String n:allunits
String n:hcshownbar
String n:diag_ticktime
String n:clearweaponpool
String n:agents
String n:true
String n:time
String n:selectnoplayer
String n:estimatedendservertime
String n:teammembernull
String n:pi
String n:isserver
String n:reversedmousey
String n:endloadingscreen
String n:ismultiplayer
String n:copyfromclipboard
String n:groupiconselectable
String n:missionnamespace
String n:uinamespace
String n:viewdistance
String n:player
String n:showncompass
String n:exit
String n:mapanimclear
String n:mapanimcommit
String n:switchableunits
String n:playerrespawntime
String n:playableunits
String n:linebreak
String n:cheatsenabled
String n:sidelogic
String n:runinitscript
String n:diag_fps
String n:parsingnamespace
String n:missionconfigfile
String n:east
String n:teamswitch
String n:visiblemap
String n:servertime
String n:armorypoints
String n:groupiconsvisible
String n:isdedicated
String n:configfile
String n:showngps
String n:processinitcommands
String n:loadgame
String n:displaynull
String n:teams
String n:locationnull
String n:false
String n:cadetmode
String n:acctime
String n:resistance
String n:enableenddialog
String n:forceend
String n:missionname
String n:initambientlife
String n:commandingmenu
String n:diag_fpsmin
String n:campaignconfigfile

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