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Scripting is a very important tool in creating good missions or addons. Scripts can be executed from a trigger, or in the initialization field of a player or object, or even executed inside other scripts. A script is a block of statements often found in a plain text file with an extension of .sqs or .sqf. As of Arma 2, .sqf is the primary script file format and, although .sqs scripts can still function, the file format has been deprecated. If you are new to scripting you should try to script in .sqf.

A simple example of executing a script in the player init field would look something like this:

[argument] exec "myscript.sqs" (for SQS scripts)
nul = [argument] execVM "myscript.sqf" (for SQF scripts)

This page is intended to serve as a launchpad for both new and experienced script writers to access tutorials and reference materials. Most of the information found here can be generalized between many of the Bohemia Interactive games. Game-specific material will be cited as such.

Getting Started

For those looking to learn more about scripting, begin with the basic tutorial Introduction to Arma Scripting.

Command Reference

The links below take you to the Scripting Commands and related information for the various Bohemia Interactive games.

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Scripting Commands for Arma 3 - Scripting Commands for Arma 3.

Scripting Commands for Take On Helicopters - Scripting Commands for Take On Helicopters.

Scripting Commands for Arma 2 - Scripting Commands for Arma 2 & Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead.

Scripting Commands for Arma - Scripting Commands for Arma: Armed Assault.

Scripting Commands for OFP: Elite - Scripting Commands for OFP: Elite.

Scripting Commands for OFP Version 1.96 - Scripting Commands for OFP v1.46 to v1.96.

Scripting Commands OFP Version 1.46 - Scripting Commands for OFP v1.00 to v1.46.


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