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|gallery3 = tkom screenshot 6.jpg
|gallery3 = tkom screenshot 6.jpg
|gallery4 = tkom screenshot 4.jpg
|gallery4 = tkom screenshot 4.jpg
|dlc1 = [[Arma 2: British Armed Forces]]
|dlc2 = [[Arma 2: Private Military Company]]
|dlc3 = Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic
|start1 = [http://mars.takeonthegame.com/ Official Site]
|start1 = [http://mars.takeonthegame.com/ Official Site]
|start2 = [[Take On Mars: Beta Patches| Beta Patches]]
|start2 = [[Take On Mars: Beta Patches| Beta Patches]]
|start3 = [[Chapter 1: Data Structure & Modifications|Introduction to modding]]
|start3 = [[Take On Mars: Data Structure & Modifications|Introduction to {{tkom}} modding]]

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Take On Mars is a new title for the Take On series, developed by Bohemia Interactive. The player controls a rover or lander to explore Mars. The Mars vehicle can be equipped with scientific instruments by the player to study the Martian surface and complete objectives. There are 3 locations to explore on Mars accessed through the mission control map: Victoria, Kaiser and Gale craters. Each location is 4 by 4 km having an area of 16 km2 (9.94 mi2) to be explored; filled with various exploration targets.


  • Space Program: Explore Mars from the perspective of a science-driven Space Agency. Develop new technologies, vehicles and instruments to tackle the tasks ahead
  • Scenarios: Head straight to the surface of Mars and complete individual missions centered around various Science Missions and objectives
  • Editor: Create scenarios with complex missions, or just play around with whatever you wish in this limitless, free-form mode
  • Dynamic destruction system: Break off cameras, robotic arms, even individual struts and wheels, all affecting the way the vehicle handles
  • Economy: Send missions to Mars with the budget you have available, raised by completing mission and individual tasks
  • Realistic Terrain: Explore the surface of Mars in locations based on actual satellite data from locations such as Victoria Crater


Getting Started


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