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VBS1 Cover

Virtual Battlespace (VBS™), developed by Bohemia Interactive Australia (BIA), is a fully interactive, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), three-dimensional training system providing a premium synthetic environment suitable for a wide range of military (or similar) training and experimentation purposes. Within VBS™, a participant views the virtual environment from the first-person perspective and is able to move, interact and otherwise operate as he or she would in real life. Participants may operate weaponry, drive vehicles, and fly aircraft within the simulation for any training or analytical purpose.

VBS™ offers large, realistic terrain areas and the ability to operate a myriad of land, sea, and air vehicles. A comprehensive yet easy-to-use mission editor is shipped with the product, allowing any imaginable scenario to be created. An advanced squad management system enables participants to efficiently issue orders to both human and AI squad members as well as coordinate both lethal and non-lethal tasks. VBS™ also incorporates real-time simulation of wind, rain, fog, clouds, time-of-day, sunrise and sunset, and tides. 

VBS™ is based on the commercial gaming engine Real Virtuality created by Bohemia Interactive - the same engine powering Operation Flashpoint and Armed Assault. It can be specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of military, law enforcement, homeland defense, and first responder training environments. VBS™ can be easily deployed on laptops or desktops over a LAN or through the Internet, delivering cost-effective solutions for worldwide interactive training. VBS™ is also suitable for a wide range of analysis tasks and is shipped with data logging and after-action review (AAR) functionality.

VBS1 has been released and is available via the VBS1 Online Store.

Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) has been released, read more here.

"The fundamental difference between VBS2 and similar COTS products is that we want to allow the customer to quickly develop high fidelity, large scale geo-typical terrain areas based upon data they already have, without needing to use a 3rd party company or pay large sums of money."

- David Lagettie (Seventh), Director of Bohemia Interactive Australia

VBS1 Screenshots

OPFOR Module
OPFOR Module
Special Forces Module
Special Forces Module
Animals Module
Instructor Module
Terrain Pack 3
Artillery Module

VBS2 Screenshots

Vbs2 1.jpg
Vbs2 6.jpg
Vbs2 4.jpg
Vbs2 5.jpg
VBS2 100.jpg
VBS2 112.jpg
VBS2 120.jpg
VBS2 138.jpg





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