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This page will give a a brief overview over the most commonly used text formatting and templates. For a full list of available templates see Templates.

Basic Markup

Basic Text Formatting

Wikitext Parsed output
''italic'' italic
'''bold''' bold
'''''bold italic''''' bold italic
<u>underscore</u> underscore
<s>striked</s> striked
<span style="color: purple;">Colour</span> Colour
<spoiler text="Click me!">spoiler</spoiler> Click me!

Code Formatting

If you have to put a = inside of {{ }} do it like this: {{<nowiki>=</nowiki>}}
Type Wikitext Parsed Output
Inline Code {{Inline code|Inline code}} Inline code
Code <code>Code</code> Code
One-line Code Comment {{cc|Code comment}} // Code comment
Code Comment {{codecomment|Code comment}} Code comment
Syntaxhighlight cpp <syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">class Syntaxhighlight {};</syntaxhighlight>
class Syntaxhighlight {};

Link Formatting

Type Wikitext Parsed Output
Internal Link [[Main Page]] Main Page
Internal Link (Custom Name) [[Main Page|Main Page (Custom Name)]] Main Page (Custom Name)
Internal Link to a Section [[User:Erentar/Sandbox2#Useful Templates]] User:Erentar/Sandbox2#Useful Templates
Internal Link to a Section (Custom Name) [[User:Erentar/Sandbox2#Useful Templates|Useful Templates]] Useful Templates
Internal Link to a Category [[:Category:Scripting Commands Arma 3]] Category:Scripting Commands Arma 3
Internal Link (cleaned - "end pipe" trick) [[:Category:Scripting Commands Arma 3|]] Scripting Commands Arma 3
External Link
External Link (Custom Name) [ MediaWiki Links] MediaWiki Links

Advanced Formatting

Multiple Columns

<div style="columns: 3">
  • Armed Assault
  • Operation Flashpoint
  • Arma 3
  • Arma 2

Useful templates

This article contains at least an error: reason.
If you can fix the page, please remove the {{errors}} tag afterwards.
This article has been submitted for deletion. The reason given was: reason.
{{Feature arma3|text}}
Arma 3 logo black.png
{{Feature arma3contact}}
arma3 Contact logo black.png
This content is exclusive to the Arma 3 Contact Expansion.
{{Feature arma3contact|
You gotta come down here with an attitude,
actin' all big and bad.
And what the hell is that smell?}}
arma3 Contact logo black.png
You gotta come down here with an attitude, actin' all big and bad. And what the hell is that smell?
{{Feature Eden Editor|Everyone is playing on this Military-themed Mario Maker :D}}
edenEditor logo.png
Everyone is playing on this Military-themed Mario Maker :D
{{Feature AFM}}
BIS Helicopter DLC Icon v2.png
For this command to have any effect, the Arma 3 Advanced Helicopter Flight Model (AFM) has to be enabled. If AFM is enabled can be checked with difficultyEnabledRTD.
{{Feature AFM|text}}
BIS Helicopter DLC Icon v2.png
{{Feature dayz|text}}
dayz logo white.png
Introduced with Arma 3 Development Branchdev?
{{Important|important text!}}
important text!
This article may be unbalanced towards certain viewpoints.
[citation needed]
Example title
This article has been proposed to merge with article.
This article is a work in progress!
Article contains open question: « question »
Once the question is answered, please remove the {{AnswerMe}} tag.
{{quote|Gastovski, out!|James Gastovski|{{=}}TGKFY1QiIGA}}
« Gastovski, out! » – James Gastovski (source)
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