Crash Files

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Informative Important

Game Files Directory
Arma 3
  • arma3.rpt
  • arma3.bidmp
  • arma3.mdmp

Windows Vista → Windows 10
%localappdata%/Arma 3
%localappdata%/Arma 2 OA
%localappdata%/Arma 2

Arma 2:OA
  • arma2OA.rpt
  • arma2OA.bidmp
  • arma2OA.mdmp
Arma 2
  • arma2.rpt
  • arma2.bidmp
  • arma2.mdmp
  • arma.rpt
  • arma.bidmp
  • arma.mdmp
Operation Flashpoint
  • flashpoint.rpt (same role as .rpt files)
  • context.bin


To better analyze the reason for malfunctions it might be useful to also create a DirectX diagnostic file.

To do this, hit the Windows "Start" button, and then select "Run...". In the dialog box that then comes up enter "dxdiag". After letting it finish (this will take a minute or so), click on "Save All Information", and specify a location of where the file should be created.

Sending Crash Files