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-unknown feature ("WIP") defined-


Default Subjects

Display Name Internal Name Can be Linked Can be Edited Notes
Map Map Template:Checkbox Template:Checkbox Dummy tab
Tasks Tasks Template:Checkbox Template:Checkbox Hidden when no tasks exist
Briefing Diary Template:Checkbox Template:Checkbox Always shown, even when empty. Can be edited with createDiaryRecord.
Team Units Template:Checkbox Template:Checkbox Always shown
Players Players Template:Checkbox Template:Checkbox Hidden in singleplayer
Statistics Statistics Template:Checkbox Template:Checkbox Hidden until scores are changed

Custom Subjects

Can be created with createDiarySubject - they go after all the default ones and can obviously be modified.



Subject commands Record commands Helper commands
createDiarySubject createDiaryRecord createDiaryLink
removeDiarySubject removeDiaryRecord processDiaryLink
selectDiarySubject setDiaryRecordText
diarySubjectExists diaryRecordNull