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A3 Diary v2.jpg


Fixed Subjects: Tasks, Diary, Units, Players, Statistics

  • displayed name: Tasks; link name: Tasks; hidden when no tasks exist; read-only
  • displayed name: Briefing; link name: Diary; always shown; can be added to
  • displayed name: Team; link name: Units; always shown; read-only
  • displayed name: Players; link name: Players; hidden when in SP; read-only
  • displayed name: Statistics; link name: Statistics; hidden until there are scores to show; read-only


In Arma 3 the top subject called "Map" but it is a dummy, the 1st subject is Tasks, internal name is also "Tasks" and it is hidden until there are any assigned tasks to show. It cannot be modified directly. Second subject is called "Briefing", but its internal name is "Diary", this can be modified and selected. Next is called "Team", internal name "Units", cannot be modified but can be selected. Next is called "Players" (same internal name) but it is hidden in SP and also cannot be modified. Next is called "Statistics" (same internal name), hidden until there are some statistics to show (kills etc), cannot be modified. Any custom subjects created with createDiarySubject go at the bottom and can be modified.

Subject commands

Record commands