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A group is a composition of characters which are linked together in a command structure.

A group is created when a new character is placed. However, if the character is near another one of the same side, it will be grouped to it instead. This functionality can be disabled using Automatic Grouping attribute in the editor preferences.

A group always has a leader who is able to issue orders to others. Usually, the highest ranking character is the leader, and if he dies, the second highest ranking character takes his place. You can manually change it using the grouping connection. The character you connect others to will become the leader.

The group side decides its relation to other groups, e.g., characters in BLUFOR groups will engage those in OPFOR groups. A character inherits the group side, even when its own is different. For example, an OPFOR character grouped to the BLUFOR group will be BLUFOR as well.

A group is represented by an icon hovering above the leader's position. The lone characters do not have the icon visible unless they are selected. Clicking on the icon will select all the group members. When zoomed out, the icons of the nearby group members are stacked together with the group icon.

3den group icon.gif

In the entity list, a group is shown as a folder with all its members and Waypoints placed inside. Only a whole group can be moved between layers, not its individual members. Dragging one member will move the rest of the group as well.

Sorting character to logical groups can speed up designing your scenario, make sure to use them well.


Info Development
Name Category Description Property Type
Callsign State Group callsign as displayed in the radio chat log. groupID String
Combat Mode State Controls how and when the group will choose to engage enemy targets.

Available options:

  • Forced Hold Fire - The group will never fire under any circumstances.
  • Do Not Fire Unless Fired Upon, Keep Formation - Group members will hold fire unless directly threatened.
  • Do Not Fire Unless Fired Upon - Group members will move into positions from which they can shoot at the enemy, but will hold fire unless directly threatened.
  • Open Fire, Keep Formation - Default combat mode. Group members will fire upon any target in range, while staying in formation. The group leader may order individual members to engage specific targets.
  • Open Fire - Group members will fire at any suitable target in range, leaving the formation to find a suitable shooting position.
combatMode String
Behavior State Behavior pattern of the group.

Available options:

  • Careless - The same as 'Safe', except that it will not be switched automatically after spotting a threat. Use with caution, player may perceive AIs in this behavior as defective.
  • Safe - Non-combat behavior. Characters have weapons lowered. Vehicles follow roads and use lights. They automatically switch to 'Aware' upon spotting a threat.
  • Aware - Default behavior. Characters are in ready position. Vehicles prefer roads, do not use lights and their passengers will disembark to counter threats.
  • Combat - Firefight behavior. Characters break formation and take cover. Vehicles ignore roads and do not use lights.
  • Stealth - Characters break formation and move cautiously, preferring cover and going prone. Vehicles prefer roads, but do not use lights.
behaviour String
Formation State Default group formation. Based on the combat mode, group members may ignore the formation in 'Combat' and 'Stealth' modes.

Available options:

  • Wedge
  • Vee
  • Line
  • Column
  • File
  • Staggered Col.
  • Echelon L.
  • Echelon R.
  • Diamond
formation String
SpeedMode State Default travel speed of the group. In Combat and Stealth behavior modes, group members will try to prioritize this setting.

Available options:

  • Limited
  • Normal
  • Full
speedMode String