Initialization Order

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Whenever a mission is launched (or joined in multiplayer) certain tasks are performed to ensure the mission's various components are initialized correctly and that everyone is synced in multiplayer games (particularly JIP players). Initialization order refers to the order in which those tasks are executed and it's important to take into account when setting up the start of a mission.

Event Scripts are a key part of a mission's initialization order and will be utilized often when working with SQF.

Arma 3

Take note that the order of initialization is different in single player and multiplayer environments. If an entry is unmarked then it applies to both.

Item Meaning
Single Player Only
Multiplayer Only
Order is not guaranteed

In multiplayer the following is relevant to every machine including the server and headless clients. If the server is non-dedicated then it should be considered both a server and client.

Order of Initialization
Task Applies To JIP Related To Exec Environment Notes
Functions with recompile attribute are recompiled All Functions Library (Arma 3)
Functions with preInit attribute are called All Functions Library (Arma 3) Unscheduled
Object Init Event Handlers are called All Unscheduled
Expressions of Eden Editor entity attributes are called Eden Editor: Configuring Attributes Unscheduled They are called on the server. isPlayer _entity; does not return true immediately. Once entity has become a player, the entity is transfered to the client.
Object initialization fields are called All Unscheduled
init.sqs is executed Single Player Event Scripts
init.sqf is executed Single Player Event Scripts Scheduled[1]
Expressions of Eden Editor scenario attributes are called All Eden Editor: Configuring Attributes Unscheduled
Persistent functions are called Client BIS_fnc_MP
Modules are initialized All
initServer.sqf is executed Server Event Scripts Scheduled
initPlayerLocal.sqf is executed Client Event Scripts Scheduled
initPlayerServer.sqf is executed on the server Client Event Scripts Scheduled
Functions with postInit attribute are called All Functions Library (Arma 3) Scheduled[1]
"BIS_fnc_init" variable is set to true All
init.sqs is executed All Event Scripts Scheduled
init.sqf is executed All Event Scripts Scheduled
  1. 1.0 1.1 Note that while the environment is Scheduled (canSuspend returns true), the engine seems to wait until the script is done executing, essentially behaving similarly to an Unscheduled environment - infinite loops will freeze the game, uiSleep may pause the game for up to ~20secs (postInit), etc.