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This page covers many questions some users may have about what they can and cannot do about Bohemia Interactive's or other licenses for a free, non-commercial use.


Term Definition
License License
End-User License Agreement (EULA) End-user license agreement
Intellectual Property (IP) Intellectual property
Fair Use Fair use / Fair dealing / Stanford uni link
Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) DMCA / US Summary

Fair Use


"Fair Use" is very often called as the ideal line of defense regarding copyright infringement.
Alas for its subscribers, Fair Use most likely means allowed for research and educational purpose, under which gaming/modding does not fall. It is also a personal, non-commercial "default license" that cannot cover a mod team nor Steam distribution of such work.

For more information, see the Wikipedia articles Fair use / Fair dealing above.

Personal Use

"Personal Use", as "Fair Use", is also frequently used to justify illegal IP usage.
Personal use means for oneself only. Personal use does not cover group usage (e.g friends, clans), let alone reuploads.

Bohemia Interactive


Category Action Allowed Conditions
Mods & PBO Buying/Selling mods Template:Checkbox BITools EULA
Buying/Selling pbo files Template:Checkbox BITools EULA
Forward-porting previous BI games content to newer ones Template:Checkbox BITools EULA
3D Models Buying/Selling p3d 3D models Template:Checkbox BITools EULA
Buying/Selling non-p3d 3D models Template:Checkbox N/A
Buying/Selling non-p3d to p3d conversion service Template:Checkbox BITools EULA
Textures Buying/Selling paa textures Template:Checkbox BITools EULA
Buying/Selling non-paa textures Template:Checkbox N/A
Buying/Selling non-paa to paa conversion service Template:Checkbox BITools EULA
Text content Buying/Selling sqf scripts Template:Checkbox N/A
Buying/Selling cpp (config) files Template:Checkbox N/A
Buying/Selling bin (binarised config) files Template:Checkbox BITools EULA
Monetizing in-game content Giving/Taking money for Arma 3 server content Template:Checkbox Monetization Rules
Giving/Taking money for DayZ server content Template:Checkbox Monetization Rules
Media Monetizing Monetizing a video of BI game(s) Template:Checkbox Monetization Rules

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Steam EULA

Steam Subscriber Agreement (User Generated Content paragraph)

  • items must be uploaded by the creator/owner/group account. It is forbidden to upload an item that was made by someone else
    • the creator/owner's permission does not allow someone else to reupload their work on Steam.
      The creator/owner would have to give ownership and remove any existing versions from the workshop in order for someone else to upload the file.

Other Intellectual Properties

In a general manner, companies do not agree to usage of their Intellectual Property without a license agreement. Here are some licenses detailed for a free, non-commercial use.



License Owned by EULA Agreement-less
Licensing contact
Babylon 5 Warner Bros
Licensing Company of America
Contact info
BattleStar Galactica Universal Studios N/A
BattleTech / MechWarrior The Topps Company N/A
Command and Conquer Electronic Arts Terms of Service
Seems to be tolerated
DC Comics Warner Bros N/A
Contact info
Fallout Bethesda Zenimax Media Terms of Service
Contact info
Gears of War Microsoft Studios Dev Rules
Seems to be accepted
Halo Microsoft Studios Dev Rules
Seems to be accepted
Marvel Comics The Walt Disney Company

Contact info 1
Contact info 2

Metal Gear Solid Konami N/A
SCP Foundation SCP wiki SCP Licensing Guide (CC-BY-SA)
Contact info
Stargate Metro-Golwyn-Mayer Studios N/A
Star Trek CBS Entertainment Terms of Use
Seems to be tolerated
Star Wars The Walt Disney Company
LucasFilm Ltd.
Contact info
Warhammer Games Workshop Intellectual Property Policy
Unsure about distribution
Contact info

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