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A lightpoint (glowing light source) is a non-physical object that shines a light. Unlike projectors or vehicle headlights, this light type cannot be directed into a beam and can only glow uniformously. The glowing does not cast shadows (only the sun or the moon can) and can go through walls.

A lightpoint is local to the computer where the script has been called; one player could see a light in the dark while another would not have such light "object" created.

How to

The list of all lightpoint commands can be found in the Lights command group category.

Light commands were introduced in Arma, and some were added later in Arma 3 (e.g setLightIntensity, setLightUseFlare).

Create a lightpoint

private _lightpoint = "#lightpoint" createVehicleLocal player modelToWorld [0,2,1.5];
Reminder that a lightpoint is local (and all the light commands take a local argument too), hence createVehicleLocal.

Set light colour


_lightpoint setLightColor [0.25, 1, 1]; // also defines Flare colour.

Ambient Colour

_lightpoint setLightAmbient [1, 1, 1]; // sets the colour applied to the surroundings

Set flare

For the flare to be visible, all the following values (use flare, size, visibility) must be defined and light colour set by setLightColor must not be [0,0,0]. Flare is not visible by day, even using setLightDayLight.


_lightpoint setLightUseFlare true;


_lightpoint setLightFlareSize 1; // in meter


_lightpoint setLightFlareMaxDistance 100; // in meter

Set light brightness

Set brightness

_lightpoint setLightBrightness 8;


_lightpoint setLightIntensity 3000;


_lightpoint setLightAttenuation [0, 2, 4, 4, 0, 9, 10]; // [start, constant, linear, quadratic, hardLimitStart, hardLimitEnd]
Formula is 1 / (constant + linear × dist + quadratic × dist × dist) - see setLightAttenuation for more information.


_lightpoint setLightDayLight true; // Only for light itself, not the flare

Delete lightpoint

deleteVehicle _lightpoint; // as simple as that

Full examples

Dark Souls

skipTime -daytime;

_lightpoint = "#lightpoint" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0];
_lightpoint attachTo [player, [0, 0, 1.5]];
_lightpoint setLightColor [0,0,0];
_lightpoint setLightAmbient [1,0.8, 0.25];
_lightpoint setLightBrightness 0.15;


skipTime -daytime;

private _position = player modelToWorld [0, 20, 1.5];
private _lightpoint = "#lightpoint" createVehicleLocal _position;
_lightpoint setLightColor [0,1,1];
_lightpoint setLightAmbient [0.2,0.0,0.3];
_lightpoint setLightUseFlare true;
_lightpoint setLightFlareSize 3;
_lightpoint setLightFlareMaxDistance 3.5;
_lightpoint setLightBrightness 4;
_lightpoint setLightDayLight true;

_lightpoint spawn {
	while { sleep 0.05; player distance _this > 2 } do
		_this setLightBrightness 4 max (40 / (player distance _this));
	deleteVehicle _this;

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