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[[Image:flag_france.gif|France]] Fezard Le Lezard (Private)<br>
[[Image:flag_france.gif|France]] Fezard Le Lezard (Private)<br>
[[Image:flag_germany.gif|Germany]] Genesis (Private)<br>
[[Image:flag_germany.gif|Germany]] Genesis (Private)<br>
[[Image:flag_germany.gif|Germany]] Olli the SAW (Private)
[[Image:flag_germany.gif|Germany]] Olli the SAW (Private)<br>
[[Image:flag_denmark.gif|Denmark]] THE BOB (Private)

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MCY bannerS.png

MercenaryS [MCY]
MCYlogo6clean whitestars.png
Former members
Operation Flashpoint:

CQB Masters (CTF Mokra) winner
CZL Champions League winner season 2004
ECL X-Mas Tournament winner
CZL Group A winner season 2005/2006
CZL Playoffs 3rd place season 2005/2006
Full of Hexen OnlineWarfare Tournament Winner


MCY logo.png

The MercenaryS is a clan of open-minded soldiers who enjoy playing together as a team that challenges other clans in combat with respect, good manners, fairness but also with no mercy. MCY is proud to have the first and only gay bar in the community. The Mercenary forums also has unofficially the largest number of emoticons in the community.

In MCY each clan member is respected. Their ranks, individual strengths and ideas are taken to account and members help each other out in trouble and never leave a fellow Mercenary behind. Teamplay and teamwork is more important during battle than individual non-coordinated operations, therefore everyone has a word in mission briefings. MCY's battles are usually led by GENERAL BECKBOND or Col. Frantic.bay.

If you think you fit into this team and enjoy playing Armed Assault in a funny and relaxed atmosphere, come to our [MCY] MercenaryS -GAY BAR- server and get to know us better! We share a server contract with the AGSF clan and both clans have their own servers at a good price.

We are always looking for some nice competition and hard clanwars. Because of our challenging and persistent nature we have performed remarkably well in OFP tournaments and leagues.

So come and join the fun in our lovely gay bar!

MCY logo.png
The name

The clan was originally named Mercenarys (without the capital S in the end). The reason for the mispelling of Mercenaries is not fully clear, but oldest members claim that it was thusly named to distinguish MCY from other clans with a similar name like "Mercenaries", "Mercenary", "Merc" and so on. The capital S came along some time around 2005 in a style reform introduced by Frantic.bay.

MCY logo.png

MCY's members are spread across the European region. The map takes the present residences of all Armed Assault members into account.
The rank structure of MCY holds enlisted and officer ranks as equal, but with different tasks.

MCY has had lots of members during the years. At one point the clan's active member count was huge and two groups inside the clan were formed, called 1st Platoon and 2nd Platoon.

Both platoons operated as independent teams in leagues and had a friendly rivalry with each other, organising trainings that let each platoon work as a complete unit with the members and leaders they would have in real clanwars. The 2nd Platoon led by Col. Notorious and Cpt. Erebos was the more successful one, bringing home a CZL championship in 2004.

MCY has members from all over the European region: UK, Germany, Czech Republic, France and Norway to name a few. Thus our Teamspeak language is English.

The current active members of MCY are:

Germany Frantic.bay (Colonel)
Germany S-0S.bay (Commander)
Switzerland guerilla (First Lieutenant)

Finland Celery (Master Chief)
Norway Bloodhawk (Sergeant First Class)
France Hezap (Sergeant First Class)
Norway Richard (Sergeant)
Czech Republic Boris_Britva (Specialist)
United Kingdom Jim Gun (Corporal)
Belgium SmoKie (Corporal)
Turkey Anatolian (Private)
Spain Factory (Private)
France Fezard Le Lezard (Private)
Germany Genesis (Private)
Germany Olli the SAW (Private)
Denmark THE BOB (Private)

The complete list of all mercenaries can be found here.

MCY uses the ranks of the United States Army and Navy as a template to categorize its members into different kinds and levels of occupation and activity. The officer and enlisted ranks are equal matching with each paygrade upwards from Staff Sergeant and Second Lieutenant. The differences are that higher ranked officers are leaders in games while enlisted prefer to do what they are told. Warrant Officer is a special rank for a member below Captain who takes care of matters like the clan's money traffic or website.

MCY logo.png

MCY is one of the oldest clans in the community and has established a unique atmosphere and tradition. Only certain kinds of people have a chance to become an MCY member.

MCYs.de - Our current home.

MCYs.eu - The main site of our PlanetSide squad.