Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis: Walkthrough

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This is a placeholder page for a walkthrough of OFP: Cold War Crisis.

Mission list of the Cold War Crisis Campaign:

Combined Arms
Montignac Must Fall
After Montignac
Strange Meeting
Night Patrol
Hold Malden
Tank Training
Battle Of Houdan
Tank Rally
Unfinished Business
Taking Command
Turning The Tide
Return To Eden
Hind Attack
Rolling Thunder
Air Superiority
Air Assault
Wake Up Call
Planes Start
Search And Destroy
Red Dawn
Status Quo

  • Training


  • Learn to control movement
  • Learn to fire your rifle

This mission is very easy it introduces you to Operation Flashpoint. The mission will start in front of the barracks on a base. Keep an eye on the upper-left corner of your screen, were some hints will appear. Your first order you will recieve is to run the a 5t truck and run back. A waypoint will appear to guide you towards the location. Once you get back put your rifle on your back, do this via the action menu.
Now the more "fun" part will start. Follow your squad into the truck just outside the base. Get in the back of the truck (Note: you need to be at the back and then an option will appear in the action menu to get in.) and it will drive to the obstacle course. Your drill instructer will order your the move down the obstacle course (Tip: Remain inside the obstacles and switch to 3rd person view to navigate easier.). At the end of the lane you must run between the 2 concrete cones otherwise you will need to do it again. After you completed this move back into the back of the truck.
This last part is were the fun really begin you actually can take your frustration out on some targets. After the order to get some ammo move to the ammo crate to the right of the firing range and grab some magazines. Now move to the closest lane and you'll see three targets. Each target needs to be hit three times. You can either select single-or burst mode by pressing on the spacebar. Destroy all three targets. The mission will end afterwards.

  • Flashpoint


  • Secure the village of Morton

Location: In blackhawk near Morton
Time:0550 hours

Now the real action is going to start, no more safe training grounds... prepare yourself to enter a dangerous battlefield.

Some tips before entering combat:

  • Remain close with your squad but no to close (for grenades.
  • Stay in cover of bushes and trees.
  • Know were your enemy is so you don't get flanked.
  • Going prone is a lifesafer most of the time.
  • Press 5 -> 4 to call for a medic
  • If you are out of ammo, just pick up another from a dead body.

You will start in a blackhawk over sea. It will ferry you towards the south-east of Morton near a beach. Some choppers and tank will help you with this mission taking out any enemy tank so don't worry about those yet. Your objective is to kill enemy soviet soldier that still are in the village.
Disembark from the chopper and follow your squad to a group of trees were he will quickly brief you. Stick with your squad, you will start to see some action in the village and some enemy troops moving around, kill as many as you can but don't go running toward the town if you want to live. Your leader will target some enemies for you so you can see an target indicater appear. Slowly move from cover to cover untill you reach to village and the mission will end.

  • Combined Arms


  • Join with the Alpha mechanized infantry squad and the Bravo tank force.
  • Seize the village of Regina.

Location: In truck to join with Alpha.
Time: 1640 hours.

You start in the back of an truck to join with Alpha mechanized infantry squad. Hop out once a location. You will form up under a hill, then when you reviece the go-order, move with your squad to the top of the hill. This mission is quite hard as the is no so much cover and the enemy is hidden quite well. Switch to single firing mode to hit your target easier. Once you've reached the top position of the hill you'll see some trees and bushes, take cover there. In the distance you see the village of Regina. Scan for enemies soldiers in the bushes and the village and fire at them. There are also some in the woods to the east. Once it is safe to move on keep checking for enemies while moving carefully towards Regina. The village should be mostly secure when you come near it.
On the radio you will hear a message take enemy tanks are moving towards to village. You don't have to stick with your squad now. Retreat fast by sprinting towards the truck. Use trees as cover so you don't get spotted by the tanks. When you are at an safe distance the mission will come to an end.

  • Camping


  • Await the arrival of Sergeant Berghof, who will have further orders.
  • Go with the commander and get in a 5t truck
  • Follow the commander and pick up all the remaining troops in Morton
  • Follow the commander to Le Moule
  • Go with your commander on a recon patrol

Location: Morton
Time: 1655 hours