Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis: Walkthrough

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This campaign is written for v1.46/v1.96



  • Learn to control movement
  • Learn to fire your rifle

This mission is very easy it introduces you to Operation Flashpoint. The mission will start in front of the barracks on a base. Keep an eye on the upper-left corner of your screen, were some hints will appear. Your first order you will recieve is to run the a 5t truck and run back. A waypoint will appear to guide you towards the location. Once you get back put your rifle on your back, do this via the action menu.

Now the more "fun" part will start. Follow your squad into the truck just outside the base. Get in the back of the truck (Note: you need to be at the back and then an option will appear in the action menu to get in.) and it will drive to the obstacle course. Your drill instructer will order your the move down the obstacle course (Tip: Remain inside the obstacles and switch to 3rd person view to navigate easier.). At the end of the lane you must run between the 2 concrete cones otherwise you will need to do it again. After you completed this move back into the back of the truck.

This last part is were the fun really begin you actually can take your frustration out on some targets. After the order to get some ammo move to the ammo crate to the right of the firing range and grab some magazines. Now move to the closest lane and you'll see three targets. Each target needs to be hit three times. You can either select single-or burst mode by pressing on the spacebar. Destroy all three targets. The mission will end afterwards.



  • Secure the village of Morton

Location: In blackhawk near Morton

Time:0550 hours

Now the real action is going to start, no more safe training grounds... prepare yourself to enter a dangerous battlefield.

Some tips before entering combat:

  • Remain close with your squad but no to close (for grenades.)
  • Stay in cover of bushes and trees.
  • Know were your enemy is so you don't get flanked.
  • Going prone is a lifesafer most of the time.
  • Press 5 -> 4 to call for a medic
  • If you are out of ammo, just pick up another from a dead body.

You will start in a blackhawk over sea. It will ferry you towards the south-east of Morton near a beach. Some choppers and tank will help you with this mission taking out any enemy tank so don't worry about those yet. Your objective is to kill enemy soviet soldier that still are in the village.

Disembark from the chopper and follow your squad to a group of trees were he will quickly brief you. Stick with your squad, you will start to see some action in the village and some enemy troops moving around, kill as many as you can but don't go running toward the town if you want to live. Your leader will target some enemies for you so you can see an target indicater appear. Slowly move from cover to cover untill you reach to village and the mission will end.

Combined Arms


  • Join with the Alpha mechanized infantry squad and the Bravo tank force.
  • Seize the village of Regina.

Location: In truck to join with Alpha.

Time: 1640 hours.

You start in the back of an truck to join with Alpha mechanized infantry squad. Hop out once a location. You will form up under a hill, then when you reviece the go-order, move with your squad to the top of the hill. This mission is quite hard as the is no so much cover and the enemy is hidden quite well. Switch to single firing mode to hit your target easier. Once you've reached the top position of the hill you'll see some trees and bushes, take cover there. In the distance you see the village of Regina. Scan for enemies soldiers in the bushes and the village and fire at them. There are also some in the woods to the east. Once it is safe to move on keep checking for enemies while moving carefully towards Regina. The village should be mostly secure when you come near it.

On the radio you will hear a message take enemy tanks are moving towards to village. You don't have to stick with your squad now. Retreat fast by sprinting towards the truck. Use trees as cover so you don't get spotted by the tanks. When you are at an safe distance the mission will come to an end.



  • Await the arrival of Sergeant Berghof, who will have further orders.
  • Go with the commander and get in a 5t truck
  • Follow the commander and pick up all the remaining troops in Morton
  • Follow the commander to Le Moule
  • Go with your commander on a recon patrol

Location: Morton

Time: 16:55 hours

You will start in Morton were your squad is relaxing. Hear the smart convesations between them :). Wait for Berghof to arrive in a jeep. He will take you to an 5t truck, get out of the jeep an get in as driver of the 5t truck. Follow him back. Be carefull not to bump into him or drive past him! Stop in Morton and let your squad member get in the back. Continue to follow Berghof towards Le Moule. It a relaxing drive and don't worry you will not get ambushed.

After arriving in Le Moule stop the truck there. Berghof will sign you up for patrol duty with 2 other soldiers including a medic. You will reviece an order to get in the jeep as cargo. He will drive and follow an dirt road and he will says he sees something moving in the forest. You will stop for an patrol next to the forest, now you also have a binocular this time to spot enemies from far off. Follow your squad, in a while you will see an open field were a small group of enemy is running. Kill them all. After that the patrol continues but this time take caution as you will run into 1 or 2 Spetnatz soldiers near the end of the forest. An M113 is patrolling in that area aswell. Once everything is safe again get back to the jeep. You will see the other members of your squad have put up a basic camp and the mission will end.



  • Board the M113
  • Neutralize the enemy force near the road
  • Liaise with the reinforcements and head for Le Moule

Location: Morton

Time: 1750 hours.

You are in Morton again resting. Move inside the nearby tent and grab the M60 if you wish. After a moment you recieve a radio message calling for backup. He has been ambushing on the way to Le Moule. Shortly an M113 will appear, board it. At arrival disembark and stay clear of the M113 (save the game at this point). The enemy is firing from both sides of the road near the group of trees. Move with your squad slowly towards the destroyed jeep and kill any enemy you see. Stay a bit behind your squad as you can provide covering fire with the M60. After the battle clear up a bit help will arrive in a truck. Stay focused on the forest to the northeast some enemies are running there. After the battle is over you'll need to board the 5t truck and the mission ends.

Montignac Must Fall


  • Seize Montignac
  • After securing the village, Alpha and Bravo Squads should join together and wait for the truck

Location: Nearby Montignac

Time: 0430 hours.

You start near some trees just outside Montignac. In this mission you have a nice M16 with a grenadelauncher which comes in handy. Follow your leader to Montignac, when the town comes in sight you can use a flare to lighten the area so you can see the enemy better. Then load some grenades in the M16 and fire where a group of enemy is. Move in and clear town of remaining enemies. New orders are giving when the town is clear. Papa bear says Everon must be evacuated. A truck is on its way to transport you back to Morton. Get in.

The ride comes to an abrupt end when the truck takes enemy fire from the village Provins ahead. Jump out quickly and take cover. Protect the LAW soldier as they will take out an enemy BMP hiding in the village. If hes down just pick up the LAW and destroy the BMP as soon as possible. Once the town is secure and a blackhawk will pick you up however also this transport gets taken down, by an hind. Now the only option is to hide in the nearby forest. The mission will end when your squad is in the forest.

Note: This mission can end in 2 ways. Either After Montignac or Strange Meeting is next mission.

After Montignac


  • Get to Morton

Location: Hidden in the forest west of Provins.

Time: 0525 hours

You are alone now, the rest of your squad lies dead scattered in the forest. Check the bodies for any useable equipment. The best way here is the remain undetected. Don't enter any car as tank are moving in the area that will make an easy target. Don't stay in the forest for too long as some enemy patrol are closing in to your position, you can take these out. Move towards Morton but do not use the forest as the enemy is hiding there, use the small group of trees. Be on your guard for an BMP which is patrolling that very area. As you move closer to Morton you will hear that Morton as fallen into the hand of the enemy. An alternative evac area will be apointed for you. Go to that position. But your luck ends there as you will be captured by soviet troops. However while you are waiting in an tent the camp gets attacked by resistance groups. You now are taking captive by them and the mission ends.

Strange Meeting


  • Drive the truck
  • Get to Morton
  • Prepare to evac from Morton

Location: Moving towards Le Moule

Time: 0505 hours

You are taking in a jeep to an truck, get in as driver. Some other truck are also on the move, follow them. On the move you need to follow an dirtroad and at some point you need to disembark. Following the dirt road you see a farm building. Some enemy troops are nearby. Kill them all, you truck gets immobilized at this point so you will have to continue on foot towards Morton. You'll get to hear the Morton has fallen and your squadleader order you to give cover from behind, they will all die in the forest to Morton. Once again you are alone. Go to Ea64 where you see an camp. But your luck ends there as you will be captured by soviet troops. However while you are waiting in an tent the camp gets attacked by resistance groups. You now are taking captive by them and the mission ends.



  • Use your binoculars to locate as many guards as you can in the village
  • After the Black Bear force has neutralized the tank assault the village
  • Load the hostages on to the truck and rendezvous with the other group
  • Your task is to save the civilians. It's essential they survive.

Location: In the forest on Everon with the resistance.

Time: 1705 hours.

In the forest below the village you have grouped up with the resistance forces in a mission to save the civilians from the soviets. se your binocular to spot as many enemies in the village by rightclicking on them with your mouse. So the leader know where the enemy is. Once Black Bear destroy the tank above the village and you recieve the order to attack, kill all enemies quickly. Move towards to truck. Check the area for remaining enemies. The civilians will evantually get in the truck, to the northeast road you will see an truck driving towards you. When it nearly comes to an halt fire everything you got at them and make sure they are all dead. Now hop into the truck but rearm first. The truck will move a bit up the roads were it will stop. Everyone will climb the hill but be on the watch for another truckload of enemies which will arrive from the north at the road. Kill them and join with your squad and more to the top of hill and mission will end.



  • Get into the civil truck and drive it.
  • Calmly drive on through the checkpoints
  • Find the Resistance leader in the castle ruins

Location: Near resistance camp in the hills of Everon

Time: 0615 hours

You are now wearing an civilian outfit with an AK. Go the truck and get in as driver and wait for other to get in. Move down the road untill you reach an checkpoint. Watch the cutscene. Keep on driving untill you reach another checkpoint, this time you must fight. Get out and kill them all quickly before they ready themselves. On the otherside of the village an truck will arrive with some reinforcements. After you cleared the truck, move away from the road toward to forest quickly. In the forest there is an patrol so be carefull but keep moving so reinforcement below don't spot you. Keep moving toward the castle, when you reach the campfire there the mission comes to and end.



  • Protect equipment

Location: Southern Sector, Malden.

Time: 0335 hours.

This is a quite simple mission. You see a flag pole in the middle of the camp and wait for an officer to arrive. After hes gone move a bit uphill to the lighthouse so you get an nice overview of the installation with your nightvision. Use some flares aswell. You will notice two Spetznatz soldier are moving near the camp kill them. Afterwards you'll hear some action on the radio and after a while the mission ends.

Hold Malden


  • Go to the port and engage enemy
  • Fight off the invasion

Location: Malden, close to the port.

Time: 0700 hours.

At the beginning mount the M2 Machine gun quickly and kill everything in sight (be sure you don't shoot any friendlies ;) ). Press 'V' for a better aim. After things get silent the port get bombarded by the time. Get out and move up the road to the north for some cover. Keep moving away from the port as the enemy tanks arrive towards to waypoint. Once you reach the waypoint the mission ends.



  • Lay mines on the road, and neutralize any surviving tanks using the AT missiles stashed nearby.
  • Rendezvous with the rest of the squad.

Location: Near main road in central Malden

Time: 0540 hours.

You start your mission with 3 anti-tank mines. Follow your leader towards to road wait untill he layed to first mine, put your in front of it (couple of meters). Then at the side of the road and so on. Then move to the ammo crate near the side of the road near some bushes which also makes an nice hiding spot. Grab an LAW and take as many ammo for it as possible. Now wait a couple of moments for the enemy tanks to arrive. First an UAZ will drives by, DO NOT engage it and remain hidden. Now the tanks will drive over the mines and you must destroy any remaining tanks. After they are destroyed follow the leader towards the M113, board it and the mission will end.

Tank Training


  • Get into the M60 as the driver and take it to La Trinite
  • Quickly complete your training.
  • Travel to Dourdan, where your commander is attempting to hold the town.

Location: Encampment near La Trinite

Time: 0655 hours

Now its time for something different, tanks. Hop into the M60 tank as driver and drive to La Trinite. Once you arrive at the town you must disembark. Now you are the commander of the tank. Press 1 -> 9 to issue an order to move the next waypoint. You arrive at an firing range. Right-click on target to aim at it, then press Left-click to destroy the target, destroy all three targets. Next move on to the next waypoint by pressing 1 -> 9. Do this each time a new waypoint appears on screen. As you arrive at Dourdan you will join another with another tank. Press, 1 -> 1 now to remain in formation. You arrive at an beach, destroy all bmp there then switch to the machine-gun and kill all remaining infantry there. Look for RPG soldiers first. After everything is destroyed you completed the mission.

Battle Of Houdan


  • Reach Houdan and defend NATO troops there.
  • Be sure to avoid the border zone.

Location: Malden, near Dourdan.

Time: 1430 hours.

At the start press 1 -> 1 to remain in the formation so you won't have to concentrate on that. You will move towards Houdan but underway you recieve a radio message that soviet forces are moving near the beach. First destroy all BMP's first than AT soldiers and the rest. Once everything is secure again you continue to proceed to Houdan. Check your rader and press tab to lock on enemy tanks. Once this hard battle is over you get the order to enter the border zone. Remain a bit behind so you don't get killed. Keep an eye on the mountain there where AT soldier are hiding. It is impossible to stay there so retreat when your leader says so brining the mission to an end.



  • Two and Three will deploy charges around the main enemy encampment at the crossroads.
  • Locate and disable the patrolling Soviet tanks.
  • Retreat to the rendezvous point to the north.
  • (Optional secondary objective.) There's a deployment of Soviet rocket troops s omewhere in the mountains. Neutralize it.

Location: Near Lolisse

Time: 0415 hours

In this mission patience is required for mission succes. Move toward edge of the rocky cliff, move halfway down and depose of guards below. Much towards is small hideout and once again you'll get to a cliff. Check the enemies movement, you'll see an T80 patrolling to roads here and some infantry moving around. Kill the enemy which is close to you. Once the T80 is moving away make your way towards some bushes below. Now wait untill the T80 moves away again, place an bomb on the part of the road where he halts and near the T72 next to the road now quickly move to a safe distant, and when the T80 drives over the bomb detonate it. Press 0->0->1 to order the other to detonate theirs and move to end waypoint to complete mission.



  • Head South, keeping formation with the platoon leader.
  • Clear the pass and liberate Lolise
  • Hold it.

Location: The borderzone

Time: 0520

You start in the M60 tank, keep formation as you drive towards the borderzone. Load HEAT to get rid of any AT soldier still hiding there but also keep a safe distant. Press on the attack with your machine gun and kill remaining infantry near the borderzone. Now you should load SABOT again to destroy any BMP's that might be in the area. Clear Lolise from infantry aswell. Once Lolise is clear you'll recieve a message that the enemy is preparing an counter-attack, prepare yourself by checking the horizon to the south. 3 tanks will engage you shortly. Destroy them and the mission is complete.



  • Neutralize the Shilka stationed in the village.
  • Clear the village of any remaining Soviet forces.
  • Proceed to Chapoi, locate the remaining Shilka and eliminate it.
  • Pull back while the Cobra gunships, designated November, deal with the tanks.
  • Seize Chapoi

Location: Southern Hills.

Time: 1030 hours.

You start east of Saint Marie with an M60 machine gun. Move with your squad towards the village. Cover the roads with bullets and kill any enemy you see, so the other can disable the shilka. The enemy will retreat, go after them and kill as many as possible. Now search for an Anti-tank launcher and a rifle as you won't need the machine anymore.
Head with your squad down the road where you'll meet with some enemies on the road and in the open fields. Your squad will reach some dense shrubbery, be aware as some enemies are hiding in there aswell. Destroy the Shilka which is past the brick fence on the street in Chapoi with your LAW/RPG and hide with your squad don't fire at any tanks. November the attack chopper will destroy all tank around Chapoi now, after tanks are destroyed some help will arrive from the east and kill the remaining infantry which completes this mission.

Tank Rally


  • Your first objective is to help stop the Soviet attack on Chapoi
  • You must then press on to La Riviere

Location: Yankee heading to Chapoi.

Time: 1030 hours.

You are now commander of an M1A1 tank which is much stronger than your previous M60 tank. Turn in and keep formation, make sure you have SABOT loaded. As you reach Chapoi check the south and west area of Chapoi for tank and destroy them all, also any support trucks. Now your attack to La Riviere starts in the fields to La Riviere some BMP's will appear, they shouldn't pack to much resistance. Upon arrival at La Riviere check for some remaining soviet tank and destroy them first, then infantry and finally the boats near to dock. Once your seize La reviere you complete this mission.

Unfinished Business


  • Find your resistance contact - he will lead you to the camp in the castle ruins.
  • Meet the resistance leader and ask for his co-operation.
  • Get Back!

Location: At coast of Everon, near castle ruins.

Time: 0430 hours.

A simple mission, go to the fire on the hill. He is the resistance contact which bring you to the ruins. At the Castle ruins the leader fellow says Commander Slave has been killed and will offer some documents that marks enemy positions. Then soviets will attack the ruins, Gastovski will remain there to help but you must get back to the boat ASAP. Don't stay there to fight. You complete the mission once you reach to boat.

Taking Command


  • Contact has been lost with Bravo squad. They last reported in from Arudy. Send a jeep to locate them.
  • Bring Bravo squad back to the crossroads from Arudy.
  • Wait for Alpha squad to arrive.
  • Get everyone to Goisse.
  • Report to Major Johnson near the field hospital in Goisse.
  • Repel the enemy attack.

Location: Crossroads near Arudy.

Time: 0730 hours.

This time your the squad leader. Observe the hints closely and press 'H' to repeat last hint. Send number 2 in a jeep to Arudy. While hes gone some backup arrives in a truck to join your squad. Order them to disembark and practise a bit untill 2 has found the missing soldiers in Arudy. Has you enter battle shortly is best to know how your command screen works. Once 2 has found 7 and 8 order them to enter his jeep and then order 2 to come back. Once the squad is complete order everything to enter as cargo in the truck a leave the jeep. Get in as driver had move to Goisse. Order everyone to disembark, Major Johnson will say enemy will attack from the north-west. Put medic in back of town so he doesn't get killed and LAW somewhat from the sandbags so that they got an early shot at the BMP's, order you MG to stay near the LAW soldier to back them up while they are firing and position the rest near the sandbags.

The soviet will attack shortly now, give your LAW soldiers the order to attack the BMP while the rest kill the infantry. If everything is clear the missions ends.



  • Follow the M113s, supporting their attack on the enemy position at grid Da30
  • Find out the exact position of the enemy encampment, which we know is somewhere in the valley
  • Get back to Goisse in one piece.

Location: NATO camp in Goisse.

Time: 0930 hours.

This will be a recon mission but first you will encounter some small resistance where the M113s are going you can take a jeep if you wish but on foot its safer. You follow them and kill the infantry near the roadblock. The M113's will stay behind. Move towards the mountains at some distance from DE25 where the enemy camp is. Once on the mountains take your binoculars and right-click on some enemies in the camp at DE25. Do not engage them. Retreat back to Goisse, you may encounter a few soldiers on your way back so be carefull.

Turning The Tide


  • Proceed through the valley to the perimeter to the enemy camp.
  • Send code Alpha (0-0-1) to Bravo squad - they will then attack from the south.
  • Neutralise the enemy camp. Don't let anyone escape!

Location: On the mountain near Goisse.

Time: 1430 Hours.

Get yourself an M21 and LAW for this mission. Time for some payback! Wait at the valley, to the left-side of the valley a small group of soldier will appear kill them and make your entry into the valley. There is some resistance here and because of the trees is quite hard to see them, so it will be close combat. Make sure you don't leave your squad behind so you're fighting alone. Once you're clear from the trees to must press on the attack to the camp. Move undectected towards to camp and search for the BMP's, once you found them press 0->0->1 to call for some reinforcements and destroy the BMP's. Move slowly into the trees towards to camp, crawling is the best option. Bravo will arrive soon and they make a final push on the enemy and kill remaining soldiers which will complete the mission.



  • Infiltrate the enemy depot at Fi67.
  • Destroy at least one tank. Try to destroy more.
  • Escape to the wood to the south and meet up with our resistance contact.
  • OPTIONAL: There's a small ammo dump at Levie. It would be good to put this out of action.

Location: Near forest of Everon.

Time: 0345 hours.

Once again a sneaky mission which requires caution. Remaining undected is the key to succes once again otherwise you get overloaded with infantry and tanks. You'll see in the distant a farmhouse near a intersection. Move towards it checking the surroundings. There are some infantry which you can kill but don't let anyone get out alive though. There are 2 trucks, you only 1 bomb to destroy them. Place it in the middle and then move to forest to SW. You may detonate it once the bmp is near it so you'll take out that one too. Move thru the forest keeping at the W side. Go all the way behind it untill you see some spruce trees on the hill where you can make your entry unnoticed. First place the bombs at the weaker tanks but keep one. Then crawl to the T80 and get in as gunnner. Kill everything in sight. A Shilka and some more soldier will arrive but that shouldn't be a problem with an T80. Then destroy all remaining tanks with your bombs and T80. Then use your last bomb on the T80 you used. You can also use the chopper for some more damage but not required. Meet with your contact in the woods.



  • When you radio the convoy with the order to move, it will set off for this crossroads . Upon arrival it will stop and await further instructions.
  • If you choose the Northern route, the convoy will reach another crossroads and, again, await your orders.
  • Protect the convoy at all costs. At least part of it must reach the airport at the Northern end of Malden.
  • Finally, report in with your unit to the officer at the airport.

Location: NATO camp in La Pessagne

Time: 0855 hours.

Take on M21 and LAW for this mission. You may encounter an T72 so be carefull in the M113. Get in the M113 and put some in the hummer to follow you behind. And your way to the first crossroad you'll find some soldier here and there. Once the first crossroad is clear move the convoy up there. Go rest to southern route. In Arudy you'll find some more enemies. You have an LAW for any tanks. Keep the convoy moving now but keep them 500m away from you. Dourdan must be cleared first and then La Trinite and Saint Louis. Now its safe to keep convoy rolling towards airport, check the road from Saint Louis and airport to be sure.

Return To Eden


  • Your first objective is the hill at grid Dj03. Cleanse it of enemy units, and hold it.
  • Bravo will cover your left flank, and Charlie your right as you put down the expected Soviet counter-attack.
  • Begin the assault on the airport When Bravo and Charlie are ready, they will let you know. Send them a signal (0-0-1) to attack.
  • Destroy the defending Shilka and radio the Cobra gunships, designation November, for additional support


Location: Everon, on the beach.

Time: 0600 hours.

You start on the beach with Bravo and Charlie. There are quite a few enemy soldier on the hill with the chapel, so slowly make your way on the hill and cleanse it. Then prepare yourself for an counterattack, they will send a T72 and a BMP. Move to SW so you can use the terrain as cover. Start hitting the dirt when you can see the buildings and look to the forest to the east, the Shilka is there. Destroy and call for help using 0-0-2 as the way is clear now for the choppers and 0-0-1 if you haven't done so already. November will take care of any tanks while Bravo and Charlie will help you at both flank, press on the attack when all tank are destroyed to capture the airport and win the mission.

Hind Attack


  • Meet up with the three other members of your squad. The meeting point is at Eb67
  • Find the secret base and destroy what you can.
  • Disappear. Recommended evac points are Ei61, Dh55 or Db65.

Location: Somewhere on Everon.

Time: 0345 hours.

Another demolition job, quite easy aswell. Meet with the others at Eb67 and they'll join your squad. Now move to Ed61, and move thru the cover of the trees to the other forest. Be carefull, there might be some BMP's patrolling here. Move to Eg59 and order your guys to hit the dirt as the base is at Eg58-Ef58. Kill all gaurds you see here without being spotted. After you cleared the base from all guards use all your bombs on the hinds. You can also order your AI to do this. Move back in the forest were you came from and detonate it. Go to Ei61 to complete the mission.

Rolling Thunder


  • Head South. Your first objective is to neutralize the enemy defensive position at Tyrone
  • Then continue to Montignac. But stay alert: there's a heavily defended enemy position between Tyrone and Montignac. Eliminate it if you can, but exercise caution.
  • Golf force, consisting of two additional M1A1s, will join the assault from another direction. Try to synchronize your attack with


  • Seize and hold Montignac

Location: North of Everon.

Time: 0620 hours.

You are now in charge of a platoon of tanks. Use the action menu to go to the next waypoint. On the way to Tyrone some Ural's and a BMP willl cross your path. Then in Tyrone itself there is another BMP and some infantry with AT soldiers but still shouldn't be difficult. Avoid the heavily defended area has this is a deathtrap for your tank, instead move east of the forest of Tyrone over the beach. Eventually you'll spot a small camp at Ec37, check for any AT soldiers. Now move to Montignac. There is a Shilka north of Montignac and a couple of BMP's inside the town. Beware of many RPG soldiers here. Once the town has been captured you complete the mission.



  • Your passengers will be waiting for you at their debarkation point
  • Ferry them to their position at Montignac

Location: Ready for take-off.

Time: 1030 hours.

Time for some flying. It can be difficult if this is your first time but is quite easy to fly choppers. Get in your blackhawk and press 'Q' to start the engine. Your Operation Flashpoint box also has a manual about controls. Now fly to the next waypoint to pick of your passengers at Ej24. When you are nearly above the waypoint rotate your chopper to reduce speed fast and then use auto-hover. Land on the ground gently and wait for the other to get in. Fly to Dh45 and land at the helopad in Montignac, now move to the airport. While you're flying to the airport you will get an radio message called for an EVAC. Go to Bj57 and pick them up. There are some BMP's in the area and you are allowed to destroy them with your rockets. Destroy the two BMP's and head back to the airport to complete the mission.

Air Superiority



Air Assault

Wake Up Call

Planes Start





Search And Destroy

Red Dawn

Status Quo

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