Operation Flashpoint: Elite Cheats & Hidden Content

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Unlocking Content

Step 1

Create the following Profiles on your Xbox to unlock the Hidden cheat menu.

  • Dentist Guba Cheat options: enhanced view distance and ambient life
  • QA Tester Cheat options: same as Dentist Guba then some more stuff
  • XaX 1985 Cheat options: unlocks everything

Once the following profiles have been created the hidden features menu will be unlocked.

Step 2

Now that you’ve unlocked the hidden menu’s its time to activate it. From any menu you hold the left trigger and the white button simultaneously. A menu will appear, cycle through the options until you come to an option that interests you. Now this is a bit tricky but press right on the DPAD and this should enable the option you have selected. You will know you’re toggling the option correctly when you receive a message in the top left corner that says for example “hidden objects unlocked”.

Summary of Menu Cheat Options

Cheat Option Menu

  • Enhanced View Distance increases the view distance
  • More Wildlife adds more wildlife to the environment
  • MP Lag diagnostics Displays statistics about multiplayer lag
  • Show / Hide UI Hides the upper left panel, hides the target box, and hides the lower right menu, great option for taking screenshots and movies.
  • Unlock Missions Unlocks all the missions
  • Unlock Objects in Editor Unlocks all the objects in the editor
  • Time Accelerate Accelerates time.
  • Low FPS Detection red box is displayed in the top left when the frames per second is dropping

Unlocked objects

Here is a list of all the unlocked editor items as indicated ‘ok’ means good to place, ‘bugs’ if there are bugs or ‘crashes’ if they will crash your Xbox.


MAN AT Sniper:ok Commando (Hand Gun): ok Commando (night2): ok Grenadier 2: ok Pilot (Hand Gun): ok Saboteur (Cheated!]: ok Solider 2: ok Solider (E. Uniform}: ok

AIR Parachute 1: ok

ARMORED M1A1 Auto: ok Mark II PBR Auto: ok PBR - Exp: Bugged crashes your Xbox

CARS Rich Truck: ok


MAN Grenadier 1: ok Officer (cheated!}: ok Saboteur (Cheated!}: ok Soldier 1: ok Solider (W, uniform}: ok Spetsnaz 1: ok Spetsnaz (Hand Gun}: ok

ARMORED T80 Auto: ok

CARS UAZ (Cheated!}: ok


MEN Grenadier: ok Officer (Cheated!}: ok Solider 1: ok Solider (Cheated!}: ok Solider (Civil) 1-3: ok Solider (E, uniform}: ok


Air Jet Ranger: Bugged invisible in game Jet Ranger (small): ok will fall to the ground and explode


AIR Jet Ranger: Bugged invisible in game Jet Ranger (small) :ok

AMMO No Name (1-2): ok but invisible in game Ammo Crates: ok East, AddOns: ok East, Basic: ok East, Heavy: ok East, Special: ok East, Weapon: ok Res, Basic: ok Res, Heavy: ok Res, Special: ok Res, Weapon: ok West, AddOns: ok West, Basic: ok West, Heavy (1-2): ok West, Special: ok West, Weapon: ok

ARMORED M1A1 Auto: ok Mark II PBR Auto: ok PBR - Exp: Bugged crashes your Xbox T80 Auto: ok

CARS RichTruck: ok UAZ (Cheated!}: ok OBJECTS No Name: ok but invisible in game Black Cube: ok Building: ok (it’s a BMP1 with the flag of the USA on the antenna) Camera: ok Chair: ok Chair Hanger: ok Chair Small: ok Chair X: ok Computer: ok Danger East: ok Danger Guerilla: ok Danger West: ok Danger: ok Flag: ok Flag 2: Bugged Flag (International): ok Fountain: ok Fuel Station 1-3: ok Fuel Station (2): ok Fuel Station (3): ok Hanger Hall: ok FxCartridge 1-2: ok but invisible in game FxExploGround1: ok but invisible in game FxExploGround2: ok but invisible in game Internal: FxExploArmor1: ok but invisible in game Internal: FxExploArmor2: ok but invisible in game Internal: FxExploArmor3: ok but invisible in game Internal: FxExploArmor4: ok but invisible in game Internal: FxWindGrass1: ok but invisible in game Internal: FxWindGrass2: ok but invisible in game Internal: FxWindLeaf1: ok but invisible in game Internal: FxWindLeaf2: ok but invisible in game Internal: FxWindLeaf3: ok but invisible in game Internal: FxWindPollen1: ok but invisible in game Internal: FxWindRock1: ok but invisible in game House 1-9: ok

     10: Bugged crashes your Xbox
     11-15: ok

House Descriptions House1: Looks like a stone block or a bail of hay. Small. House2: Hunters/Riflemans perch as found in the forested


House3: Castle ruins entry way. House4: Scaffolding. House5: Small multi room house. House6: Repair Hanger/ Garage with internal catwalk. House7: 8 Story apartment building. House8: Hunter/Riflemans wooden tower. Made of Logs. House9: House with small semi-enclosed porch. House11: 2 Story apartment building. House12: 1 bedroom house. House13: Grandpa's Wooden Outhouse. House14: Guard House without red gate. House15: 4 Story apartment building.

LST: ok Map Nogovo: ok Phone: ok Phone Base: ok Radio: ok Radio(RT-254) :ok Radio Tower 1: ok Radio Tower 2: ok Sphere: ok Table 1-2: ok Table (pub) :ok Table with map: ok Table with map (Nogovo): ok Town Hall: ok Unknown: ok but invisible in game VASI 1: Bugged crashes your Xbox VASI 2: ok VASI 3: ok Video Table: ok XXX-Res: ok

Unknown Cheat Options? The following options were ripped from the stringtable.cvs. These options were likely leftover from the developers. If you have information about these options let me know and I will update this document.

Show / hide frame rate Toggle immortality Draw safe area Map: draw cost/locks Map: draw units Map: draw triggers Save game Other (1)

Pushbuffers Use shader Cache Non-cached shader diags Print not cached shader Enable Lights Spot Lights Culling Lights Thold Draw PB stuff Instancing No textures Stop loading textures Stop loading models Texture mip bias Scene complexity Obj. min. size Memory limit Flush memory Other (2)

Perf. bottleneck capture Perf. bottleneck thold Slow frame capture Slow frame thold Fps log on/off Perf log on/off Show wind Sound Diags Network Diags Geometry Diags Memory stats Texture stats Crash the game Freeze the game Shutdown Other (3) Other (4)