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by the PROPER Mod Team

Mod Info

Welcome to the PROPER Mod by the PROPER Mod Team.

Hosted by armaholic

PROPER Mod project page (temporary design)
Our earnest thanks to the armaholic (dead link) team for hosting our page and projects!


Learn from the configs


Not many people are doing config editing for OFP / ArmA.
However configs are actually a very powerful tool to tweak the engine to your liking. Even better writing configs is quite simple.

There are three general problems though:

  • You cannot make screenshots from your config work most times. Yet the actual player will give you props way more than pure visual changes or additions. Even more important apart from pure reskins, missions, scripts and simple file replacements configs are an essential part of any addon!
  • Beginners can easily get overstrained by the amount of content in configs. In addition you can get puzzled by topics like config structure, inheritance, testing process and effect validation. Especially as BI made the overall config structure with bin.pbo in dta and the various configs in the addons folder very complicated and hard to handle.
  • You even found your way to the BIKI. BI did a good start with the BIKI in terms of engine documentation. However you will soon find out that configs is the topic was least documentation. So prepare yourself to do a lot of testing and forum research.

You can influence the engine and game very direct and effective by config editing. Don't give up easily and enjoy!

Special features of the PROPER Mod

Every addon released by the PROPER Mod team has a special structure to allow people analyze our work and learn from it.
Features in detail:

  • Simple, feature specific addon.
    This means that every logical change is separated into one single pbo to make the changes very clear and easy to understand.
  • Advanced inner structure.
    Each addon contains a single config.cpp. This file only points to the rest of the content via #include statements. Textures, sounds, config values are separated into various subfolders. Configs are separated into at least into cfgPatches.hpp and Core.hpp.
  • Documentation.
    The Core.hpp (to be found in the \h subfolder) contains (technical) comments at the top about the changes done by the addon. Sometimes even additional information about config values are described.
  • Study and learn.
    PROPER Mod addons aim for high (technical) quality and (hopefully) no errors to be found in the ArmA.RPT. So for example more complex topics like working class inheritance and properly updating existing class can be found in our work.



NEVER ever put addons (pbo files) in the ArmA\addons folder!

If the server and all clients would use it, it is a different matter of course.


Just put the single pbo file from any PROPER Mod addon in a Modfolder's addon folder. Like


Additional information

  • Every addon of the PROPER Mod can be used independently from the other PROPER Mod addons. Of course some addons are meant to be used in combination.
  • Conflicts with other peoples' addons / work should be very unlikely due to the way our work is made (config structure / config inheritance).
  • Addons are loaded alphabetically in terms of modfolder and PBO name. Way more important are requiredAddons dependencies of cfgPatches though. They determine which addon (or more precise down to each config value) is used / active, as the config is only loaded once all requiredAddons have been loaded. So a lot of dependencies make the addon loaded late.

Server key file

You can find the proper.bikey here.
This file is needed on the dedicated server in .\ArmA\keys


You can download each bisign file individually too. Just add a .PROPER.bisign extension to the pbo download link. Like


However you can download all bisign files available here (PROPER_All_BISign.rar) too.

Linux server

For better readability the files still use case sensitivity.

Do not forget to make all files lower case only on a linux server machine!

What about AI and PVP tags?

These two tags can sometimes be found at the end of an addon / pbo. Meaning:

  • AI tag means the addon is recommended only for sp or coop.
  • PvP tag means the addon is recommended only for human vs human (no AI) play.

Obsolete PROPER addons in 1.14

Due to changes or integration you are NOT recommended to use these PROPER addons in 1.14:

  • PROPER_Anims_Fast_Forward_Transition (integrated - sort of)
  • PROPER_Anims_Move_Transition (integrated)
  • PROPER_Anims_Working_Healing_Animation (integrated)
  • PROPER_Gameplay_Sound_Mine_Explosion_Sound_Effect_Added (integrated)
  • PROPER_Gameplay_Vehicle_InsideSoundCoef (integrated - sort of via engine changes)
  • PROPER_Gameplay_Vehicle_Tank_Armor (integrated - a little bit different)
  • PROPER_UI_MPTable_Redesign (new server side option to hide the scores table)

PROPER packages

For busy people with limited time you can download two packages now:

Note that a few PROPER addons are not in both packages like PVP and AI addons and certain addons which are not favored by the common user. Unfortunately you have to check yourself which PROPER addons are NOT in there.

Don't forget about the PROPER Effects Damage And Sea Texture Replacement Sakura Chan addon. It is a single PBO download (~30MB).


PROPER UI Audio Options Dialog Redesign


PROPER UI Campaigns Dialog Redesign

PROPER UI Compass Size Expanded

PROPER UI Difficulty Options Dialog Redesign

PROPER UI Gear Dialog Redesign

  • (click to download)
    • Complete redesign of the old gear dialog. Design goal is to make it convenient to use and not block the the players view as much as possible: new gear dialog Image icon.png.

PROPER UI GPS Watch Compass Radio Model Reworked

  • (click to download)
    • Redesign of the GPS, compass and clock model. Design goal is to make it convenient to use and not block the the players view as much as possible: better readable Image icon.png.

PROPER UI GroupDir Size Reduced

  • (click to download)
    • Design goal is to make it convenient to use and not block the the players view too much possible.

PROPER UI InGameUI Cursor Color Changed

PROPER UI Instant Map Object Zoom

PROPER UI Key Configuration Dialog Redesign

PROPER UI Main Menu Dialog Redesign

PROPER UI Menu Click Sound

PROPER UI Missions Dialog Redesign

PROPER UI MP Lobby Dialog Redesign

  • (click to download)
    • Complete redesign of the old MP lobby dialog Image icon.png.
    • Design goal is to make it look clean and well structured. In addition the dialog should display as much information as possible and still remain tidy (broader colums; more colums; selected server view at the very end (server name; selected mission and island; difficulty setting; server version and country) : new MP lobby dialog Image icon.png.
    • Todo / Bug: As you can see the player listing on the right side doesn't work as desired yet. Any advice is appreciated a lot!

PROPER UI MPTable Redesign

  • (click to download)
    • Design goal is the complete removal of the MPTable / scores screen Image icon.png to make people concentrate more on playing rather than statistics.
    • Todo / Bug: As you can see on this screenshot Image icon.png the is still a small piece left of the dialog. Any advice how to get rid of it completely is appreciated a lot!

PROPER UI No ActionIcons

PROPER UI No Loading Anim

PROPER UI No LoadingPic

PROPER UI No PeripheralVision

  • (click to download)
    • Design goal is the removal of the enemy / friendly / neutral peripheral vision indicator Image icon.png at the edge of the screen. It might be an experiment to simulate peripheral vision. However to us it seems more like a console feature. People should learn to get a proper awareness of the game world without artificial tools for themselves.
    • In addition the console like blood splash Image icon.png at the center of the screen was removed as well. Awareness should come from natural visuals and sounds, not from artificial tools.

PROPER UI No Progress Bar

PROPER UI SelectIslands Dialog Redesign

PROPER UI Solid Black Ingame Menus Background CSL

PROPER UI Speedup Gear

  • (click to download)
    • The addon is meant to speedup the gear dialog. The initial loading lag should be eliminated.

PROPER UI Speedup RscMapControl

  • (click to download)
    • The addon is meant to speedup the display of the map and map objects like the compass. The initial loading lag should be eliminated or significantly reduced.

PROPER UI Transparent Ingame Menus Background CSL

  • (click to download)
    • Replaced the ingame menu background Image icon.png with a transparent one. This makes the menus and dialogs a lot less distracting. Similar to the PROPER UI Solid Black Ingame Menus Background CSL addon. You can only use one of the at a time.
    • Full credit to ColonelSandersLite for this great replacement! Thanks dude :-)

PROPER UI Video Options Redesign

PROPER Gameplay

PROPER Gameplay No AT Use Vs Men By AI

  • (click to download)
    • Makes AI soldiers NOT use the AT launchers vs hostile infantry. Works only for infantry in your group in MP. Otherwise the server and all other players need to have it too.

PROPER Gameplay Object SupplyRadius Expanded

PROPER Gameplay RadioProtocol Fixed

PROPER Gameplay Sound Mine Explosion Sound Effect Added

  • (click to download)
    • Added the good old timebomb explosion sound for a mine detonation in ArmA. :-) (timebomb.wav). Sound icon.png
      Credits: Goeth of Finnish Defence Forces Mod for the config structure.

PROPER Gameplay Sound SoundFly Reworked

PROPER Gameplay Sound SupersonicCrack Effect Removed

  • (click to download)
    • All supersonic sounds removed. They are annoying in our view and make it almost impossible to locate the source of the projectile / reduce the sound awareness as infantry significantly. We prefer gameplay over 'realism' here (supersonic crack wav). Sound icon.png.

PROPER Gameplay Sound TreeHit Added

PROPER Gameplay Vehicle All White Radar Signature PvP

PROPER Gameplay Vehicle GetInRadius Expanded

PROPER Gameplay Vehicle InsideSoundCoef

  • (click to download)
    • It reduces sound volume inside vehicles significantly.
    • Todo: Add example video.
If you dislike the fact that the (engine sound in particular) sound is way too
loud if you are inside vehicles, you will love this one.
You will be happy to go easy on with your ears again and have a good voice chat with your buddies while being in some vehicle.
Note that the volume is still good in order to hear all the things around you. Especially in the combination with the "PROPER_Gameplay_Vehicle_OccludeAndObstructSounds" addon... it is more like the sound is very pleasantly dampened.

PROPER Gameplay Vehicle Lock AI

However you need to be the _weapon commanding guy_ in the vehicle.
You either need to activate manual control or switch to gunner for a moment as group leader to get the _weapon commanding guy_ status. After that the tab/radar locking also works for driver or commander in ground vehicles without commander slot present in the vehicle (these almost all besides M1Abrams, T72 and BMP2).

PROPER Gameplay Vehicle No Lock PvP

  • (click to download)
    • PvP only: To make vehicle combat in PvP less based on clicking and knowledge but rather more based on skill and make it more enjoyable locking is disabled for all vehicle weapons. Guided missiles Video icon.png like Strela, AA can still lock vehicles of course.

PROPER Gameplay Vehicle No Alarm Sound

PROPER Gameplay Vehicle No Eject Action

  • (click to download)
    • Removes the Eject action Image icon.png menu entry Image icon.png and the shortcut key.
    • This is a gameplay change. You can now only getOut of vehicles. This means you need to wait until the vehicle has halted. No more quick eject from driving vehicles possible.

PROPER Gameplay Vehicle No Switch Seat Action

  • (click to download)
    • Removes the switchToXXX action Image icon.png menu entry Image icon.png and the shortcut key.
    • This is a gameplay change. This should promote the use of 2/3 manned vehicles as a single guy has to getout and board the vehicle to switch to a different position now.

PROPER Gameplay Vehicle OccludeAndObstructSounds

  • (click to download)
    • Improve audio-visual awareness inside vehicles significantly.
    • Todo: Add example video.
Well, did you ever felt lost in ArmA tanks - I am sure you did!
This is primarily due to the limited audio-visual awareness inside vehicles (compared to OFP in particular).
BI tried to introduce a fancy realism effect... as a result inside vehicles you are almost completely deaf. In other words unable to hear the surrounding sound scenery properly, like immediate hostile fire or even direct impacts at your vehicle.
This is a good day for you! With this addon, you shall become happy again!

PROPER Gameplay Vehicle StartEngine Disabled

  • (click to download)
    • Disables the effect that the vehicle engine is activated once you turn the turret (as gunner or commander).
    • Todo: Add example video.

PROPER Gameplay Vehicle Transport Limit Expanded

  • (click to download)
    • Transport limit of all vehicles largely increased to avoid the ammo spilling bug.

PROPER Gameplay Weapon AA Launcher

  • (click to download)
    • Reduces the maneuvrability and hit percentage of AA rockets. Works only for infantry in your group in MP. Otherwise the server and all other players need to have it too. You may want to use NWD_RocketBallistics instead as its more comprehensive - yet it has still very high maneuvrability and hit rate for Stinger and Sidewinder rockets.

PROPER Gameplay Weapon Disperion Disabled

PROPER Gameplay Weapon Dot Crosshair hedcrusha

PROPER Gameplay Weapon HandGrenadeTimed Explosion OnImpact

PROPER Gameplay Weapon No Dexterity

In addition you are recommended to double the y axis sensitivity value
(mouseSensitivityY) based on your x axis value (mouseSensitivityX).
The values are to be found in your "YourUser.ArmAprofile" file.
Thanks to Ryan for the tip!
The floatingZoneArea should be set to the very left (equals zero) too
in order to get the best direct mouse control over the weapon.

PROPER Gameplay Weapon Sway Reworked


PROPER Anims Fast Forward Transition

  • (click to download)
    • Sprint transitions are quite broken in ArmA. The idea is to replace sprint with run gameplay wise. This addon doubles the diagonal forward and straightforward run speed to make it equal to the sprint speed. In addition the diagonal forward and straightforward walk is accelerated by 150 percent to make it more useful. More info in the BI forum in the thread: Very buggy sprint (fast forward) transition..., What about a workaround? (dead link)


PROPER World Desert Island Instant IntroAnims

  • (click to download)
    • The intro missions in the main menu for OFP Desert Island in ArmA by Solus (dead link) are reworked.

PROPER World Sahrani Rahmadi Instant IntroAnims

PROPER Effects

PROPER Effects Damage And Sea Texture Replacement Sakura Chan

  • (click to download)
    • This addon replaces most damage textures Image icon.png of vehicles. The rusty ones Image icon.png are exchanged by very transparent one with a few impact holes.
    • In addition the water color Image icon.png is replaced by a new brigher more light color Image icon.png.
    • Full credit to Sakura Chan - all textures are her work!
    • This is merely a repack. Permission was kindly granted by Sakura Chan.
    • The updated version is now a full PBO and does NOT need any further fiddling.

Additional information

PROPER UI Action Menu Priority Infantry

Command Priority Hidden
LadderOnDown 10
LadderOnUp 10
Heal 9,9
CancelAction 8,6
CancelTakeFlag 8,5
Deactivate 8,4
DeactivateMine 8,3
ReturnFlag 8
SetTimer 7,9
StartTimer 7,9
TakeFlag 5,9
TakeDropWeapon 5,6
TakeWeapon 5,6
TakeDropMagazine 5,5
TakeMagazine 5,5
DropMagazine 5,3
PutMagazine 5,3
PutWeapon 5,3
TakeMine 5,2
LadderOff 5
GetInDriver 4,8
GetInTurret 4,6
GetInPilot 4,5
GetInCommander 4,15
GetInCargo 4,1
LoadEmptyMagazine 4
LoadMagazine 4 true
LoadOtherMagazine 4
DropWeapon 3,2
HideWeapon 3,0
Talk 2
WeaponInHand 2 true
User 1,5
UserType 1,4
Gear 1
FireInflame 0,99
FirePutDown 0,99
MarkEntity 0,5199 true
MarkWeapon 0,5199 true
UseMagazine 0,519
TouchOff 0,515
NVGoggles 0,511 true
NVGogglesOff 0,511 true
HideBody 0,51
UseWeapon 0,5
HandGunOff 0,4
HandGunOffStand 0,4
HandGunOn 0,4
HandGunOnStand 0,4
WeaponOnBack 0,3 true
Salute 0,11 true
SitDown 0,1 true
StrokeFist 0,1
StrokeGun 0,1
LadderDown 0
LadderUp 0
None 0
TeamSwitch 0 true
Diary -1
IngameMenu -1

PROPER UI Action Menu Priority Vehicles

Command Priority Hidden
MoveToGunner 4,35
MoveToCommander 4,25
GetInGunner 4,2
MoveToTurret 4,2
MoveToPilot 4,15
MoveToDriver 4,05
MoveToCargo 4,0
LoadEmptyMagazine 4
LoadMagazine 4 true
LoadOtherMagazine 4
SwitchMagazine 3,0
SwitchWeapon 3,0
EngineOff 2,0
EngineOn 2,0
Gear 1
ManualFire 1
ManualFireCancel 1
TurnIn 0,95
CancelLand 0,9
Land 0,9
LandGear 0,8
LandGearUp 0,8
FlapsDown 0,7
FlapsUp 0,7
TurnOut 0,6
MarkEntity 0,5199 true
MarkWeapon 0,5199 true
NVGoggles 0,511 true
NVGogglesOff 0,511 true
LightOff 0,3
LightOn 0,3
ScudLaunch 0,04
ScudStart 0,04
ScudCancel 0,039
Repair 0,023
Rearm 0,022
Refuel 0,021
AutoHover 0,015
AutoHoverCancel 0,015
Eject 0,011
GetOut 0,010
None 0


Updates on PROPER projects


  • Removed PROPER_Anims_Working_Healing_Animation (integrated in 1.14)
  • Removed PROPER_Gameplay_Vehicle_Tank_Armor (integrated in 1.14)