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This tool has been replaced by Work Drive and is now deprecated.

Basic information

Bohemia Interactive
Arma 3
Part of Arma 3 Tools package on Steam


P Drive is a set of simple batches to prepare a substituted P: drive ready to use Buldozer in Object Builder and Terrain Builder, this has been added based on popular demand. The same could be done even without P: drive but would require higher skills and more time.


Line call:
You can change the paths used by DevP.bat by defining your own paths in settings.ini or editing the registry key "HKCU\SOFTWARE\Bohemia Interactive\P Drive" (but, not recommended). By default, Arma 3 Tools path and Arma 3 game path are used.
DevP.bat -DEBUG


Bohemia Interactive End User License Agreement
See also:
settings.ini, FuturaToP

Additional information

How to use it

Simply run the Arma 3 Tools package on Steam and select "Prepare virtual P: Drive" from the Steam launcher or Play Arma 3 Tools, select P: Drive (DevP) then default. The batches prepare P: drive with content required for using Arma 3 Buldozer in Addon builder and Terrain Builder if you have Arma 3 installed.

DevP can take one of the following parameters:

  • "DevP.bat -DEBUG": Only display the paths and values used, no action will be made.
  • "DevP.bat -clearInstall": Remove almost every files or references made by DevP
  • "DevP.bat -cleanInstall": Perform "clearInstall", then, execute DevP in normal state.
  • "DevP.bat -mapDiskOnly": Just map the P drive and ignore all the rest

mapDisk.bat and mapDisk also handle the -DEBUG parameter.

In case of problem

The behavior of DevP may differ from a machine to another, making it hard to fix in some cases, so, in case of problem, we invite you to run Arma3Tools_diag_retail and post a new ticket or a thread with the result of the diagnostic script.

How to remove it

To simply remove P: drive, Open command prompt and enter

subst p: /d

To remove all data added by DevP, Open command prompt in your Arma 3 Tools directory and enter

DevP.bat -clearInstall