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[PFC] Polish Flashpoint Community was founded as a community of polish OFP/ARMA:CWA players. The main goal of PFC is to have fun playing OFP/ARMA:CWA online. PFC co-operates with a number of OFP and ARMA series clans, groups and communities.

Dedicated server

PFC hosts a dedicated server for ARMA:CWA. More details about the server can be found here.

Community Masterserver

On 31st of May, 2014 (effectively on 31st of July), GameSpy servers were closed. As a result, the in-game browser of OFP/ARMA:CWA stopped working. Thanks to Poweruser's effort it was possible to overcome this difficult situation. Poweruser created a program that alternates the former GameSpy masterserver by a new one that is hosted by PFC.

PFC's masterserver is the main source of information for OFPMonitor - a program that allows to join OFP/ARMA:CWA multiplayer servers.