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Basic information

Bohemia Interactive
Arma 3
Part of Arma 3 Tools package on Steam


Publisher is a content publishing tool created by Bohemia Interactive. The purpose of this tool is to publish whole Mods onto Steam Workshop to be used with the game.
Running Publisher with -pbo parameter containing non-existent PBO could cause it is crash to desktop


Line call:


Bohemia Interactive End User License Agreement
See also:
Addon Builder, A3 Launcher, Publisher, user manual

Command Line Interface


PublisherCmd update /id:<workshop id> {/changeNote:<change note>|/changeNoteFile:<path to a text file>} /path:<folder with mod content> [/nologo] [/nosummary]


/id - Id of the workshop item to update (required).
/changeNote - Text describing the update (required).
/changeNoteFile - Path to a file with change note (required).
/path - Path to the folder with new mod content (required).
/nologo - Suppresses display of the sign-on banner.
/nosummary - Suppresses display of the parameter summary.

Return code

Zero means the operation has completed successfully, non-zero value means something went wrong. Please consult the documentation for the err\or codes.

0: Success.
0x0001: Unknown command.
0x0002: Invalid parameters.
0x0003: Change note is not set and change note file is empty.
0x0004: Change note file can't be accessed.
0x0010: Unable to initialize Steam API (generic error).
0x0011: Steam client is not running.
0x0012: Steam client is offline.
0x0013: Steam API initialization failed.
0x0100: Generic publishing error.
0x0101: Details about Workshop item can't be retrieved.
0x0102: Workshop item doesn't have the MOD tag.
0x0103: Content validation has failed, the content is not a valid mod.
0x02XX: Steam Error 0xXX.
0xFFFF: Fatal failure.