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Armed Assault's scripting language allows the user to control and influence the behaviour of the engine. It is in its structure similar to real programming languages. With the large amount of scripting commands you can create dynamic processes happening during a mission. That is, for instance, a camera cutscene or custom interactions between the player and AI units. The scripting engine was designed to be very simple while remaining unlimiting for the editor.


You don't need any requirements to learn using Armed Assault's scripting language. You should be familiar to mission editing though, as this is the base for any scripting needs.

Getting Started

The first little code in every programming language is usually a small "Hello World" program. It is meant just to display this simple text.

Open up the mission editor, create a custom unit for the player and write the following code into its init line:

hint "Hello World!"

This code is very simple: The command hint displays the given text on the left upper side of the screen. The code is executed when the mission starts, since this is what the init line does.