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Looking across the CfgFunctions class, there are also those Attributes: headerType, cheatsEnabled that are not referenced here. -Floriangeyer

Those are system attributes and are used only in special cases. I didn't consider them significant enough to be descibed publicly. -Str (talk) 18:10, 28 March 2014 (CET)

Explain how and when functions are compiled

edit: i was going to post a reply but i guess this will do, also where are my line breaks

I've talked with plenty of rookies who didn't understand that functions are compiled BEFORE the mission starts / init fields are called, so they were calling their functions using preInit and just exiting if that was the params.

My suggestion is that someone who knows the exact compile steps for functions add that just above "init order".

From my understanding it's goes something like this;

Mission: In editor: cfgFunctions from description.ext are compiled when mission loaded/previewed/restarted (since you don't have to add recompile flag and don't have to save like with cfgSounds to be read when changed?) MP: Functions are compiled when "start" is pressed?

Addon: Functions are compiled when addon is loaded

Forbidden Knowledge

as per Str's note, let's not add to the confusion and store this data away from the main page.

See at your own risk!