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Anyone figured out how to use this control type?

Not sure why this was never documented - seems like it might be broken/exclusive to eden?

Have sussed out that it requires an "Items" subclass with a further "Default" subclass. However, that only gets rid of the errors, the control is not visible at all in my display regardless of what I add to the "items[]" array within the "Items" subclass. Tried adding items via script command also and no luck (also strange that the menuXX commands only accept IDC and not the control itself).

Here I go answering my own question: It seems as though once the display focus is not on the menu the control disappears. You'd imagine this might make sense for a context menu (type 14), but for a regular menu (type 46) it seems like it's probably unintentional behaviour. Strip menus (type 47) work just fine. Oh also the menu script command do have a control variant which at least works with strip menus.