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<includeonly><div class="gvi">[[File:{{Name|{{{1}}}|img}} {{GVI/branch|{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}}} version.gif|link=Category:{{GVI/intro|{{{1}}}}} {{{2}}}|alt={{GVI/intro|{{{1}}}}}]]<span class="{{GVI/branch|{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}}}"> {{{2}}}</span>{{#if:{{{3|}}}|[[Category:{{GVI/intro|{{{1}}}}} {{{2}}}|{{uc:{{PAGENAME}}}}]]|}}</div></includeonly><noinclude>
Template '''''GVI''''' standing for '''''G'''ame '''V'''ersion '''I'''mage''.
| <span class="gvi2 gvi-{{Name|{{{1|}}}|id}}{{#if:{{#pos:{{{2|}}}|.}} |
{{#ifexpr:{{{2}}} < 0.7|<nowiki/> gvi-alpha}}
Placing <tt><nowiki>{{GVI|arma3|dev}}</nowiki></tt> in a page will result in {{GVI|arma3|dev}} being rendered in it's place.
{{#ifexpr:{{{2}}} >= 0.7 and {{{2}}} < 1|<nowiki/> gvi-beta}}
}}{{#if:{{#pos:{{lc:{{{branch|}}}{{{2|}}}}}|dev}}|<nowiki/> gvi-dev}}{{#if:{{#pos:{{lc:{{{branch|}}}{{{2|}}}}}|diag}}|<nowiki/> gvi-diag}}"{{#if:{{{size|}}}|<nowiki/> style="font-size: {{#ifexpr:({{{size}}}/2+0.5)*12<24|{{#expr:({{{size}}}/2+0.5)*12}}|24}}px; height: {{#expr:{{{size}}}*32}}px; width: {{#expr:{{{size}}}*32}}px"}}><span class="icon">{{Icon|{{Name|{{{1}}}|id}}|{{#if:{{{size|}}}|{{#expr:{{{size}}}*32-2}}|30}}|link=:Category:Introduced with {{Name|{{{1}}}}} version {{lc:{{{2|}}}}}|{{#if:{{{2|}}}|{{uc:{{{2}}}}}|?}}}}</span><span class="version">[[:Category:Introduced with {{Name|{{{1}}}}} version {{lc:{{{2|}}}}}|{{#if:{{{2|}}}|{{uc:{{{2}}}}}|?}}]]</span></span>
| -no game provided-
The template accepts <tt>3</tt> params, the 3rd of which is optional.
====Game Name====
The first param '''''must''''' be the required ''Game Name'' such as <tt>arma2</tt> or <tt>ofp</tt>.
The text is parsed by {{Template|Name}} so is capable of understanding many alternative inputs.
====Version Number====
The second param '''''must''''' be the required ''Version Number'' such as <tt>0.20</tt> or <tt>1.82</tt>.
The third param is '''''optional''''' and if included (''e.g.'' <tt><nowiki>{{GVI|ofp|1.30|cat}}</nowiki></tt>), will place the page on which the this Template is used into the appropriate Category for the ''Game+Version''.
Any value may be added as the third param, but for clarity and continuity, use something like '''''cat''''', '''''category''''' or '''''categorize''''' so that future editors understand its purpose.
Any of the examples below can also include the third parameter, to place the page they're used on into the Category they link to.
<tt><nowiki>{{GVI|ofp|1.30}}</nowiki></tt> makes {{GVI|ofp|1.30}}
<tt><nowiki>{{GVI|ofpr|1.80}}</nowiki></tt> makes {{GVI|ofpr|1.80}}
<tt><nowiki>{{GVI|arma|?}}</nowiki></tt> makes {{GVI|arma|?}}
<tt><nowiki>{{GVI|arma|1.11}}</nowiki></tt> makes {{GVI|arma|1.11}}
<tt><nowiki>{{GVI|arma2|1.11}}</nowiki></tt> makes {{GVI|arma2|1.11}}
<tt><nowiki>{{GVI|oa|1.63}}</nowiki></tt> makes {{GVI|oa|1.63}}
<tt><nowiki>{{GVI|arma3|0.58}}</nowiki></tt> makes {{GVI|arma3|0.58}}
<tt><nowiki>{{GVI|arma3|0.76}}</nowiki></tt> makes {{GVI|arma3|0.76}}
<tt><nowiki>{{GVI|arma3|1.22}}</nowiki></tt> makes {{GVI|arma3|1.22}}
<tt><nowiki>{{GVI|tkoh|1.02}}</nowiki></tt> makes {{GVI|tkoh|1.02}}
<tt><nowiki>{{GVI|vbs1|2.12.14}}</nowiki></tt> makes {{GVI|vbs1|2.12.14}}
<tt><nowiki>{{GVI|vbs2|1.49}}</nowiki></tt> makes {{GVI|vbs2|1.49}}
<!-- Categories this template should belong to -->

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Template GVI standing for Game Version Icon - should appear inline Arma 3 logo black.png1.00 when in a paragraph.



  • game: identical to Name Identifiers
  • version: (Optional, default 1.00) game version such as "1.75", two digits after the period
  • branch: (Optional, named parameter, default empty) can be dev or diag for Development or Diagnostic Branch
  • size: (Optional, named parameter, default 1) ratio size, ratio × 32px
Code Result
{{GVI}} -no game provided-
{{GVI|ofp}} Logo A0.png?
{{GVI|ofp|1.30}} Logo A0.png1.30
{{GVI|ofp|1.30|size=1}} Logo A0.png1.30
{{GVI|ofp|1.30|size=.75}} Logo A0.png1.30
{{GVI|ofp|1.30|size=2}} Logo A0.png1.30
{{GVI|ofpr|1.80}} ofpr version.gif1.80
{{GVI|ofpe|1.00}} ofpe logo.png1.00
{{GVI|arma1|?}} Logo A1 black.png?
{{GVI|arma1|1}} Logo A1 black.png1
{{GVI|arma1|1.1}} Logo A1 black.png1.1
{{GVI|arma2|1.05}} Logo A2.png1.05
{{GVI|arma2oa|1.60}} A2 OA Logo.png1.60
{{GVI|arma3|0.05}} Arma 3 logo black.png0.05
{{GVI|arma3|0.50}} Arma 3 logo black.png0.50
{{GVI|arma3|0.58}} Arma 3 logo black.png0.58
{{GVI|arma3|0.70}} Arma 3 logo black.png0.70
{{GVI|arma3|0.76}} Arma 3 logo black.png0.76
{{GVI|arma3|1.14}} Arma 3 logo black.png1.14
{{GVI|arma3|1.99}} Arma 3 logo black.png1.99
{{GVI|arma3|2.00}} Arma 3 logo black.png2.00
{{GVI|arma3|2.49}} Arma 3 logo black.png2.49
{{GVI|arma3|2.50}} Arma 3 logo black.png2.50
{{GVI|arma3|dev}} Arma 3 logo black.pngDEV
{{GVI|arma3|1.55|branch=dev}} Arma 3 logo black.png1.55
{{GVI|arma3|diag}} Arma 3 logo black.pngDIAG
{{GVI|arma3|1.55|branch=diag}} Arma 3 logo black.png1.55
{{GVI|carriercommand|1.00}} CC Logo.png1.00
{{GVI|dayz|1.00}} dayzlogoinv.png1.00
{{GVI|tkoh|1.00}} tkoh logo small.png1.00
{{GVI|tkom|1.00}} tkom logo small v2.png1.00
{{GVI|armaR|0.9.5}} armareforger-symbol black.png0.9.5
{{GVI|armaR|1.00}} armareforger-symbol black.png1.00
{{GVI|arma4|1.00}} arma4-symbol black.png1.00