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=== Introduction ===
=== Introduction ===
<div style="display: flex; justify-content: block; flex-wrap: wrap; width:70%"><!-- flex container -->
{{{intro|Please add some introductory text!}}}
{{{intro|Please add some introductory text!}}}
{{#if: {{{feature1|}}} |
{{#if: {{{feature1|}}} |
=== Features ===
=== Features ===

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  • image: Image displayed on the top right
  • size: (optional, default 250) Size of image in px
  • intro: A short summary of what the game is about
  • feature#: (optional) A list of features (# in range 1..15)
  • gallery#: (optional) Images displayed at the bottom of the page (# in range 1..4)
  • dlc#: (optional) Available DLCs (# in range 1..13)
  • start#: # (optional) A list with "getting started" pages (# in range 1..7)
  • social#: (optional) Links to social media (# in range 1..5)

Template will automatically remove TOC and edit-sections. Additionally, page is automatically added to category Projects.


See source code of DayZ.