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This template combines {{Link/External}} and {{Link/Hash}} under one entrypoint. It also adds the page to the Link template usage error category on usage error.

This template is used on these pages.



  • link: (possibly named parameter) the URL or the local link, hashed or not (Operation Flashpoint#Introduction)
  • text: (Optional, possibly named parameter) text to be displayed
Code Result
{{Link}} -no link provided-
{{Link|http://}} http://
{{Link|link=}} link link courtesy of

{{Link|setDir#notes|setDir and nothing else}}

setDir - notes
setDir and nothing else

{{Link|#Usage|The Usage chapter}}

The Usage chapter

{{Link|Arma Reforger:Getting Started}}
{{Link|Arma Reforger:Getting Started|Test}}
{{Link|Arma Reforger:Getting Started#Play in Single Player}}
{{Link|Arma Reforger:Getting Started#Play in Single Player|Play in Single Player}}

Getting Started
Getting Started - Play in Single Player
Play in Single Player