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Create a Workbench link to the scripting class (will eventually be expanded to uniquely named resource files). It also adds the page to the Link/Enfusion template usage error category on usage error, and to the Pages with wrong Enfusion classes category if the provided class is unknown.

This template is used on these pages.



  • game: format to the {{Name}}'s identifier format, e.g armaR, arma4 etc.
  • itemName: scripting classname, e.g SCR_UIInfo. Uniquely named resource files may follow later (e.g SCR_UIInfo.c, FieldManualConfigRoot.conf).
Code Result
{{Link/Enfusion}} -no game defined!-
{{Link/Enfusion|abc}} -wrong game ("abc") provided!-
{{Link/Enfusion|armaR}} -no class provided!-
{{Link/Enfusion|armaR|stuff}} -unknown class ("stuff") provided!-
-unknown class ("SCR_UIInfo.c") provided!-
-unknown class ("FieldManualConfigRoot.conf") provided!-