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Fills a table cell in grey, with N/A text by default.

This template has to be inside a table cell, e.g:

{| class="wikitable" ! First Name !! Last Name |- | {{n/a}} || Miller |}

First Name Last Name
N/A Miller
If put in a text paragraph, it results in class="na-cell" | N/A.



  • text: (Optional, default "N/A")
  • style: (Optional, default "". Named parameter only) additional CSS (e.g font-weight: bold)
Code Result
{{n/a}} N/A
{{n/a|abc}} abc
{{n/a|style=font-size: 2em; font-weight: bold;text-align: right|wabbit}} wabbit


class="na-cell"{{#if:{{{style|}}}|<nowiki/> style="{{{style}}}"}} | {{{1|N/A}}}