Terrain Editing

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Terrain editing is a great way to add content to BI games. Creating a new terrain can take several months, it will also involve a great deal of knowledge about addons and modelling. Don't let this discourage you, many great maps are available created by fans from all around the world.

Getting Started

For information on creating islands for the different BI games, choose the appropriate section below and/or visit the the tools section.


Visitor Light install guide :

First of all after you extracted all files in the root of a crated disk space or mounted one you need to put some lines to begin your island.

1) -> Tools -> System Preferences

2) Basic folder : *Put here the path for your island ie : X:\island

3) Textures : Same as above (dont know why you could'nt put textures in other folder than the same of the main file of your island...)

4) Natures Objects : I suggest you to put only the root disk here ie : X:\ (like this you could put all addons you want to includes in your island just by extracting it in the root disk.

5) Artificial Objects : same as above

6) Forests and Roads : same as above

7) World files : same as point *2*

After that you need to reboot the program and enjoy to begin your island ;)

Hope this help..