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de-5 This user is able to contribute with a native level of German.
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Callsign: Manny
Real Name: Manuel W.
Military Rank: Gefreiter (~Private First Class)
Residence: flag austria.gif Austria, Europe (46°33'0.90"N 13°44'27.13"E [1])
Profession(s): Computer Science student at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria, Europe; Status: about to finish bachelor degree
Age: 22
Contact: Mail: [mailto:mwarum(at)gmail(dot)com] - favored method of communication
ICQ: 34116326
XFire: cammymanny
Hobbies: Pen&Paper role playing games (most White-Wolf product lines),
Medieval reenactment (usually in Austria and southern Germany)and
Software Development/Engineering (especially: computer linguistics and distributed networking)
  • All Biki (and ArmA) actions are delayed because someone just had to order Vanguard. ;-)
  • Classes and tests coming to an end at the university. I should be able to continue my work here in the near feature. As Kane put it, have faith!

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