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*[[Functions by Functionality]]
*[[Functions by Functionality]]
*[[Event Handlers]]
*[[Event Handlers]]
*[[All Arma Commands Page]]

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Test Server Config

// GENERAL SETTINGS hostname = "My Arma 3 Server"; // Name of the server displayed in the public server list //password = "ServerPassword"; // Password required to join the server (remove // at start of line to enable) passwordAdmin = "1337"; // Password to login as admin. Open the chat and type: #login password kickduplicate = 0; loopback = true; verifySignatures = 0; skipLobby = true; BattlEye = 0; persistent = 1;

Command Groups

  • All commands containing "diag_" done
  • All commands containing "uniform" done
  • All commands containing "flag" done
  • All commands containing "infoPanel" done
  • All commands containing "waypoint" done
Command Group Description Example Commands Only Available for
Briefing Objectives, tasks and notes. createSimpleTask, setTaskState, createDiaryRecord
Camera Control Camera functions for intros, outros and cut-scenes. camCreate, camSetDir
Config Commands for working with configs. configFile, >>, configProperties
Containers Commands related to containers like backpacks and vests. vest, canAdd, backpack
Conversations bikb, topics, etc. kbTell, kbWasSaid
Zeus (Curator) Setting up Zeus rules and interface allCurators, assignCurator, curatorAddons Arma 3
Custom Panels Commands to handle custom panels infoPanel, setInfoPanel, enableInfoPanelComponent Arma 3
Diagnosis (Diag) Commands helpful for diagnosing issues diag_log, diag_fpsMin, diag_deltaTime
DLC DLC related commands getDLCs, getObjectDLC, isDLCAvailable Arma 3
Eden Editor Commands to work with Eden Editor get3DENCamera, add3DENEventHandler, get3DENSelected Arma 3
Editor Control Commands related to the game 2 editor (Not implemented) insertEditorObject, updateObjectTree, fromEditor Not available
Environment Control the environment like weather, time or date setFog, setRain, date
Event Handlers Set, define and use Event Handlers addEventHandler
Groups Read and set group properties formation, group, setFormation
GUI Control Customize the look of dialogs and menus in the game. buttonAction, ctrlCreate, ctrlSetText
Interaction On-screen messages, dialogs, menus. hint, titleText, showGPS
Lights Create, enable light sources on vehicles, terrain objects or lightpoints. setLightColor, setPilotLight, enableGunLights
Locations Create, define, use and manipulate locations. nearestLocation, createLocation, setSize
Markers Set, define and use markers. createMarker, getMarkerType, setMarkerPos
Math Boolean, basic math and trigonometry functions. abs, atan, vectorAdd
Mission Information Read and set parameters for the current mission. addRating, forceEnd, score
Mods and Addons Commands that are used to get information about mods and addons. configSourceModList, configSourceMod, addonFiles
Multiplayer Commands that are specific to Multiplayer games. remoteExec, remoteExecCall, didJIP
Object Information Find out things about your troops and other objects. alive, canMove, damage
Object Manipulation Create and define troops and other objects. createVehicle, setBehaviour, setDamage
Performance Logging Performance debug and logs. diag_captureFrame, logEntities
Program Flow Commands to define loops, conditions, and jumps inside scripts. forEach, execVM, for
Radio Control Control radio availability and messages. enableRadio, systemChat, vehicleRadio
Remote Control Manipulate and connect to UAVs or remote control units. unitIsUAV, connectTerminalToUAV, remoteControl
Ropes and Sling Loading Attach and detach ropes to objects, slingload and drop them. enableRopeAttach, getSlingLoad, ropes Arma 3
Sides Read and set unit affiliations. side, friendly, countEnemy
Sounds Control in-game sounds. fadeMusic, playSound, say
System Commands that deal with the game as a whole. benchmark, saveGame, loadGame
Team Switch Everything to do with the Team Switch feature. enableTeamSwitch, onTeamSwitch, teamSwitch
Time Commands related to in-game time or system time. systemTimeUTC, accTime, timeMultiplier
Triggers Set, define and use Triggers and Event Handlers. createTrigger, setTriggerArea, trigger
Unit Control Controls the behaviour of your troops. action, doMove, setHideBehind
Variables Commands to handle arrays and other variables. setVariable, format, isNull
Vehicle Assignment Vehicle related commands. vehicles, moveInDriver, allowGetIn
Vehicle Loadout Arma 3 Vehicle Loadouts related commands. getCompatiblePylonMagazines, getPylonMagazines Arma 3
Waypoints Commands to handle waypoints. addWaypoint, setWaypointPosition, deleteWaypoint
Weapon Pool The Weapon Pool enables the player to use weapons from one mission in others. addMagazinePool, fillWeaponsFromPool, queryMagazinePool
Weapons Weapon related commands. addMagazine, primaryWeapon, weapons
Render Time Scope These scripting commands work in render time scope rather than simulation time scope. getDirVisual, getPosVisual, visiblePosition
LeaderBoards Leader board related scripting commands. leaderboardDeInit, leaderboardGetRows, leaderboardInit Arma 3
RTD Commands related to the Arma 3 Advanced Helicopter Flight Model. collectiveRTD, isObjectRTD, throttleRTD Arma 3, Take On Helicopters