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Findings on indirecthit damage, tested on humans:

Dist <= indirecthitrange: damage = indirecthit*explosive

Dist > indirecthitrange: damage (x) ~= indirecthit*explosive*exp(-2.9*x/indirecthitrange)

(where x is distance from the border of indirecthitrange zone, so full Dist = x + indirecthitrange)

damage here is damage caused to individual selections, as opposed to overall body damage. this damage then becomes moderated by overall armor and selection armor (setup in class Hitpoints).

resulting selection damage = damage/(armor*selectionarmor)

Distances to individual selections are used in this calculation, so ammo with low indirecthitrange might cause different damages to the selections.

Then it all is turned into overall damage, probable formula is:

damage = (d1+d2+d3+d4)/(4*armorstructural)

where d1-d4 = selection damages (head-body-hands-legs)