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|selected= 2
|title1= {{Icon|arma2oa|link=}} {{arma2oa}} {{Icon|tkoh|link=}} {{tkoh}}
|game1= arma2oa
|version1= 1.51
|game2= tkoh
|version2= 1.00
|gr1= Lights
|gr2= Weapons
|arg= local
|eff= global
|descr= Toggles the target group's gun light(s).
|s1= target [[enableGunLights]] state
|p1= target: [[Group]] or [[Object]] - The group forced to use gun lights. If unit is supplied as argument, unit's group is used
|p2= state: [[Boolean]] - [[true|True]] to enable, [[false]] to disable
|r1= [[Nothing]]
|x1= <code>_group [[enableGunLights]] [[false]];</code>
|seealso= [[isFlashlightOn]]
|title2= {{Icon|arma3|link=}} {{arma3}}
|game1= arma3
|version1= 0.50
|arg= global
|eff= local
|gr1= Interaction
|descr= Adds an entry to the action menu of an object. The action can only be activated when in proximity to the object '''and''' looking at it. Adding an action to the player makes that action available to the player at all times.<br>
For event handling of user interaction see [[inGameUISetEventHandler]].
|s1= object [[addAction]] [title, script, arguments, priority, showWindow, hideOnUse, shortcut, condition, radius, unconscious, selection, memoryPoint]
|p1= '''object''' -  Unit, vehicle or static object. '''No [[createAgent|agents]] and [[Arma 3 Simple Objects|simple objects]]!'''</br></br>
|p2= '''title''': [[String]] - The action name which is displayed in the action menu, may contain [[Structured Text]]. Because of that '''<''' and '''>''' symbols will be interpreted as opening and closing XML tags. To avoid this use <tt>&amp;lt;</tt> for '''&lt;''' and <tt>&amp;gt;</tt> for '''&gt;'''. The title text appearance can be changed with [[setUserActionText]]</br></br>
|p3= '''script''': [[String]] or [[Code]] - Either path to the script file, relative to the mission folder or string with code or the actual script code. If the string is a path to script file, the script file '''must''' have extension .[[SQS Syntax|SQS]] or .[[SQF Syntax|SQF]]. The script, whether it is a file or a code, will run in [[Scheduler#Scheduled Environment|scheduled environment]], i.e. it is ok to use [[sleep]]. Parameters array passed to the script upon activation in ''[[Magic Variables#this|_this]]'' variable is:
<syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">params ["_target", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments"];</syntaxhighlight>
* ''target'': [[Object]] - the object which the action is assigned to
* ''caller'': [[Object]] - the unit that activated the action
* ''actionID'': [[Number]] - activated action's ID (same as [[addAction]]'s return value)
* ''arguments'': [[Anything]] - arguments given to the script if you are using the extended syntax</br></br>
|p4= '''arguments''': [[Anything]] - (Optional, default [[nil]]) arguments to pass to the script. Accessible with {{ic|_this [[select]] 3}} inside the script. If [[Array]] is used as an argument for example, its first element reference would be {{ic|_this [[select]] 3 [[select]] 0}}</br></br>
|p5= '''priority''': [[Number]] - (Optional, default 1.5) Priority value of the action. Actions will be arranged in descending order according to this value. Every game action has a preset priority value. Value can be negative or decimal fraction. Actions with same values will be arranged in order which they were made, newest at the bottom. The bigger the number the higher the action will be positioned on the menu. Typical range is 0 to 6</br></br>
|p6= '''showWindow''': [[Boolean]] - (Optional, default [[true]]) If set to [[true]], players see "Titletext" at mid-lower screen, as they approach the object. Only the title text for the action with highest priority and ''showWindow'' set to [[true]] will be shown.</br></br>
|p7= '''hideOnUse''': [[Boolean]] - (Optional, default [[true]]) If set to [[true]], it will hide the action menu after selecting it. If set to [[false]], it will leave the action menu open and visible after selecting the action, leaving the same action highlighted, for the purpose of allowing you to re-select that same action quickly, or to select another action</br></br>
|p8= '''shortcut''': [[String]] - (Optional, default "") One of the [[:Category:Key Actions|key names]] defined in bin.pbo (e.g. "moveForward"). Adding available shortcut will bind corresponding keyboard key to this action. Shortcut availability can be tested with [[inputAction]] command</br></br>
|p9= '''condition''': [[String]] - (Optional, default "true") Expression that must return [[true]] for the action to be shown. Special variables passed to the script code are:
* ''_target'': [[Object]] - The object to which action is attached or, if the object is a unit inside of vehicle, the vehicle
* ''_this'': [[Object]] - Caller person to whom the action is shown (or not shown if ''condition'' returns [[false]])
* ''_originalTarget'': [[Object]] - The original object to which the action is attached, regardless if the object/unit is in a vehicle or not
* ''condition'' is evaluated on each frame in [[Scheduler#Unscheduled Environment|non-scheduled environment]].
* ''condition'' is '''not''' evaluated if a dialog is open.
* If action is added to an object (and not to [[player]]) ''condition'' will only get evaluated if player is closer than ~50m to the object surface and is looking at the object.
* If action is added to [[player]], ''condition'' is evaluated all the time.}}</br></br>
|p8= '''radius''': [[Number]] - (Optional, default 50) Maximum 3D [[distance]] in meters between the activating unit's [[eyePos]] and the ''object'''s ''memoryPoint'', ''selection'' or [[position]]. -1 disables the radius {{Since|arma3|1.64|y}}</br></br>
|p8= '''unconscious''': [[Boolean]] - (Optional, default [[false]]) If [[true]] will be shown to incapacitated player (see [[setUnconscious]], [[lifeState]]) {{Since|arma3|1.64|y}}</br></br>
|p9= '''selection''': [[String]] - (Optional, default "") ''object''<nowiki>'</nowiki>s geometry LOD's named selection {{Since|arma3|1.70|y}}</br></br>
|p10= '''memoryPoint''': [[String]] - (Optional, default "") ''object''<nowiki>'</nowiki>s memory point. If ''selection'' is supplied, ''memoryPoint'' is not used {{Since|arma3|1.82|y}}</br></br>
|r1= [[Number]] - The added action's ID. Action can be removed with [[removeAction]] (see also [[removeAllActions]]). IDs are incrementing, the first given action to each unit has the ID 0, the second the ID 1, etc. IDs are also passed to the called script (see [[#Syntax|''script'' parameter]])
|x1= <code>{{cc|short and sweet}}
[[player]] [[addAction]] ["a useless action that does nothing", {}];
[[player]] [[addAction]] ["<t color='#FF0000'>This Useless Action Is RED</t>", {[[hint]] "RED"}];
[[player]] [[addAction]] ["Hint Hello!", { [[hint]] [[format]] ["Hello %1!", [[name]] [[player]]] }];
[[player]] [[addAction]] ["String Exec", "[[hint]] 'this is also compiled'"];</code>
|x2= <code>_actionID = [[player]] [[addAction]] ["Exec the file", "scriptFile.sqf"]</code>
<code>[[hint]] [[str]] [[Magic Variables#this|_this]];</code>
|x3= <code>{{cc|create object on the server and add action to the object on every client}}
[[if]] ([[isServer]]) [[then]]
[[private]] _object = "some_obj_class" [[createVehicle]] [1234, 1234, 0];
[_object, ["Greetings!", { [[hint]] "Hello!"; }]] [[remoteExec]] ["addAction"]; {{cc|Note: does '''not''' return action id}}
|x4= Default parameters:<code>[[Magic Variables#this_2|this]] [[addAction]]
[[params]] ["_target", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments"];
"[[true]]", {{cc|_target, [[Magic Variables#this|_this]], _originalTarget}}
|x5= Default parameters with comments:<code>[[Magic Variables#this_2|this]] [[addAction]]
"title", {{cc|title}}
[[params]] ["_target", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments"]; {{cc|script}}
[[nil]], {{cc|arguments}}
1.5, {{cc|priority}}
[[true]], {{cc|showWindow}}
[[true]], {{cc|hideOnUse}}
"", {{cc|shortcut}}
"[[true]]", {{cc|condition}}
50, {{cc|radius}}
[[false]], {{cc|unconscious}}
"", {{cc|selection}}
"" {{cc|memoryPoint}}
|seeals= [[actionIDs]], [[actionParams]], [[setUserActionText]], [[inGameUISetEventHandler]], [[showHUD]], [[inputAction]]
[[removeAction]], [[removeAllActions]], [[action]], [[BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd]]
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<dd class="notedate">Posted on May 02, 2018 - 13:44 (UTC)</dd>
<dt class="note">[[User:Dedmen|Dedmen]]</dt>
<dd class="note">
If you want to replicate vanilla Actions like "Treat yourself" where the scroll menu only shows text and it displays the icon mid-screen you can use
<code>[[private]] _action = [[player]] [[addAction]] ["Heal", {}];
[[player]] [[setUserActionText]] [_action , "Heal", "<img size='2' image='\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\heal_ca'/>"];
<dd class="notedate">Posted on May 12, 2020 - 10:42 (UTC)</dd>
<dt class="note">[[User:PierreMGI|PierreMGI]]</dt>
<dd class="note">
addAction on unit or player stays on corpse after kill. So this action is lost for the new body after respawn. If you want a persistent addAction, you need to add it in the respawn script (onPlayerRespawn.sqf or addMissionEventHandler "entityRespawned" or addMPEventHandler "MPrespawn"...
You can use [[removeAllActions]] on corpse.

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