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The userinfo.cfg is where all of the personalized game settings are stored. This file is located in each Profile folder and can allow you to setup multiple configurations based on each user profile. This configuration file reflects the settings as seen in the in-game settings, for graphics, sound and difficulty.

Dedicated Server Notes

When using a dedicated server, this file can be manually edited, mainly to use the correct difficulty parameters.

Difficulty parameters are in the list below.

1 means "activated". 
0 means "deactivated". 

The first number is the setting {1,0} for Cadet mode, the second setting {1,0} is for Veteran mode.

diffArmor[]={1,0};        enables vehicles ultra armor
diffFriendlyTag[]={1,0};  enables showing friendly positions on map
diffEnemyTag[]={0,0};     enables showing know ennemy positions on map
diffWeaponCursor[]={1,0};  enables showing weapon crosshair (out of ironsight view mode)
diffAutoGuideAT[]={1,0};   enables autoguiding on lock for wire-guided weapons.
                           When disabled, wire-guided weapons follow the weapon reticle instead.
diffClockIndicator[]={1,1}; enables the clock indicator (during radio calls)
diff3rdPersonView[]={1,0};  enables third-person view
diffTracers[]={1,1};        enables weapon tracers
diffUltraAI[]={0,0};        enable ultra AI

See Also

server.cfg, flashpoint.cfg, Aspect Ratio Management