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<noinclude>''Discuss existing and proposed policies.''</noinclude>
<noinclude>''Discuss existing and proposed policies.''</noinclude>
[[Category:BI Wiki Policies]]
==Discussion Pages==
What kind of discussions are appropriate for the Wiki? How should they be handled? What should happen with them? etc., etc...
Considering that this will probably be a pretty extensive discussion, I created [[Village Pump (policy): Talk Pages|a whole page]] for it. --[[User:Kronzky|Kronzky]] 06:56, 19 August 2006 (CEST)
==Australians in Vietnam==
Since [[Virtual Battlespace: Australians in Vietnam|Australians in Vietnam]] is coming out shortly, should it become its own category, or should it stay underneath [[VBS]]?
==Blocking Policy==
The [[Bohemia Interactive Community:Policy|blocking policy]] page needs to be defined. Right now I've forwarded it to the [[Guidelines]], but it should probably have it own specific rules.
== Image Restrictions ==
In order to keep a mass uploading of images to the [[BI]] Wiki, some guidelines should be followed when creating your Mod page, or your personal Wiki page, or any pages for that matter. A limit of 5 - 8 images limit per page. Assumption of 1 -2 pics for logo, 4 pics max for screen shots, 1 image for squad.xml.
== Other File types ==
*Some have requested other file types such as videos, pbo, sqm files. See talk page for discussion.
[[Category:Village Pump]]

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