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<noinclude>''Discuss existing and proposed policies.''</noinclude>
<noinclude>''Discuss existing and proposed policies.''</noinclude>
[[Category:BI Wiki Policies]]
[[Category:BI Wiki Policies]]
==Blocking Policy==
The [[Bohemia Interactive Community:Policy|blocking policy]] page needs to be defined. Right now I've forwarded it to the [[Guidelines]], but it should probably have it own specific rules.
== Image Restrictions ==
In order to keep a mass uploading of images to the [[BI]] Wiki, some guidelines should be followed when creating your Mod page, or your personal Wiki page, or any pages for that matter. A limit of 5 - 8 images limit per page. Assumption of 1 -2 pics for logo, 4 pics max for screen shots, 1 image for squad.xml.
== Other File types ==
*Some have requested other file types such as videos, pbo, sqm files. See talk page for discussion.
==Scripting Command Page Syntax ==
Policy about how scripting commands should be documented is being created at [[Policy: Scripting Command Page Syntax]].
== Advertisment for game servers renting. ==
Is this change fine - I am not too sure about it..
:It's not, and it has been deleted. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! --[[User:Kronzky|Kronzky]] 05:12, 30 April 2009 (CEST)
== Convention for Arma game titles ==
Awhile back I sent BI an inquiry on whether there was a common standard for stylization of Arma titles in plain text. From the response by one of their developers it became apparent that there is none, nor do they have any preference, or even mind when others attempt to style it akin to the logotype — ArmA/ARMA 2/II/3/III.
Then, just today I stumbled upon an old blog post on this subject (see:[http://www.bistudio.com/blog/arma-2-the-name-tale ARMA 2 - The Name Tale]). It made me wonder — if someone at the studio does actually care about proper use, then why not revive and support this effort, starting with the official wiki?
=== I propose: ===
* We adopt the non-stylized titles as a global convention and revise any offending articles accordingly.
* Similarly, offer it for consideration by the English Wikipedia editors — if they agree to it, then chances are other Editions will follow suit as well.
[[Category:Village Pump]]
[[Category:Village Pump]]

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