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Discuss existing and proposed policies.

Community Sites Standard

How should we handle community sites that consist of nothing but a few generic pages of OFP/ArmA information?
Should there be a minimum of content before they are listed here? After all, having them listed there serves nobody but the site owner. People who are looking for information (those who this wiki is for) aren't really interested in "empty" sites, I would think...--Kronzky 18:01, 15 August 2006 (CEST)

Australians in Vietnam

Since Australians in Vietnam is coming out shortly, should it become its own category, or should it stay underneath VBS?

Blocking Policy

The blocking policy page needs to be defined. Right now I've forwarded it to the Guidelines, but it should probably have it own specific rules.

Image Restrictions

In order to keep a mass uploading of images to the BI Wiki, some guidelines should be followed when creating your Mod page, or your personal Wiki page, or any pages for that matter. A limit of 5 - 8 images limit per page. Assumption of 1 -2 pics for logo, 4 pics max for screen shots, 1 image for squad.xml.

Other File types

  • Some have requested other file types such as videos, pbo, sqm files. See talk page for discussion.

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News about BI and this Wiki.

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Discuss existing and proposed, new policies.

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New proposals that are not policy related.

Things To Do
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Areas of the Biki that need attention.

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Request assistance for the creation and update of content.

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Technical issues related to the MediaWiki software.

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Topics that do not fit into any other category.