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  • Move - unit or group will move to this point.

A note on MOVE (and most other WPs, if not all) WP: If you put the WP on certain buildings (on the map: lighter boxes and select churches) there will be a new box that states what position that unit goes to inside the building. it will be under the "Behaviour" box on the "Insert/Edit Waypoint" menu. It is listed as "Position In House" with a drop box next to it. Most positions are next to windows. But use common sense. A tank can't roll upstairs and hide just inside a window, and a UH-60 can't even begin to squeeze through the front door. So it is for personnel-based units.

  • Destroy - unit or group will move to this point and destroy whatever the waypoint is placed upon. Do not expect units to obey this waypoint if they are incapable of destroying the target (rifleman vs. tank). The waypoint will not be complete until the target is destroyed or if the unit refuses the order.
  • Get in - if placed over a vehicle with extra room, the unit will attempt to board it. If synchronized with a vehicle’s waypoint, the vehicle will stop and wait to be boarded.
  • Seek & Destroy - unit or group will move to this point and begin searching for enemies.
  • Join - When synched with another unit’s waypoint, this individual will become part of that unit's group.
  • Join & Lead - Same as above, but the individual becomes that group’s leader.
  • Get out - unit or group controlling vehicle will disembark.
  • Cycle - very useful waypoint; orders the unit to consider the nearest waypoint its next waypoint, creating a waypoint loop. Good for patrols.
  • Load - vehicle will wait for units to board in cargo.
  • Unload - vehicle will wait for units in cargo to leave vehicle.
  • Transport Unload - vehicle will wait for units which began in vehicle to leave cargo.
  • Hold - unit or group will stay at this position. Only a 'switch' trigger or scripting can move the group from this point.
  • Sentry - The unit will hold position until any member spots an enemy. At that point, the unit will proceed to their next waypoint. If the unit is not set to hold fire, they may engage the enemy on the way.
  • Guard - if a 'Guarded By' trigger is located nearby the group will move to and protect it. Additional information on the use of this waypoint can be found here.
  • Talk - Used in combination with the “effects” button on the bottom of the waypoints screen. If you set the sounds:voice section to a voice, the unit leader will say the given phrase. This waypoint is not a destination, and goes to the next waypoint when the phrase is completely spoken.
  • Scripted - executes the script that is in the “script” box on the bottom of the waypoints screen. You can not use individual script commands, you must refer to an external script file. This waypoint is not a destination, and it is considered complete when the external script reaches its EXIT command.
  • Support - A very useful waypoint; any unit given this waypoint will remain here until another unit calls for support. At this time, the waiting unit will proceed to the location where support was called for. Only medics, ambulances, fuel and ammo supply vehicles can use this waypoint. You can tell medics to board vehicles prior to this WP, and they will drive to the support call.