Ylands Tile - Delayed function

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Ylands Tile - Delayed function.png

  • Instruction sequence defined within the Delay frame will be executed after given time delay.
  • Duration In Real Time Seconds:
    • Amount of seconds, after which the sequence will be executed.
  • Duration In Game Hours:
    • Amount of in-game hours, after which the sequence will be executed.
  • At Specific In Game Hour:
    • Fixed Game Hour, when the sequence will be executed.
    • See Get / Set Game Hour for further information.


  • Delayed instructions do not store variables at the moment of delay creation, they execute with values actual to the time of delay call.
    • For example, if players HP change during the delay, sequence will execute with actual HP and not with HP when Delay was created.
  • Delay tile does not allow to add any more instruction after.
  • It is possible to place Delay tiles into each other, to create a sequence, but Time Trigger is proffered way.