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| [[allCutLayers]], [[cutText]], [[cutRsc]], [[cutObj]], [[cutFadeOut]], [[titleText]], [[titleRsc]], [[titleObj]], [[titleFadeOut]], [[Title Effect Type]]
| [[allCutLayers]], [[cutText]], [[cutRsc]], [[cutObj]], [[cutFadeOut]], [[titleText]], [[titleRsc]], [[titleObj]], [[titleFadeOut]], [[Title Effect Type]]

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Returns a list of all layers that have currently active title effect. Numbers equal to or greater than 0 represent cut layers, where as -1 represents title layer (see Title Effect Type). Named layers are represented by their respective index.

Effects created with titleText, titleRsc and titleObj commands do not have a numbered layer, so they are represented as -1 layer in the result. Effects created with cutText, cutRsc and cutObj are created either on layer 0, if no layer is specified, or on the given layer, if the layer index is specified, so they are represented by the layer index.
GUI Control


Return Value:
Array of Numbers, where each number represents index of currently active effect layer.


Example 1:
cutText ["Hello World!" ,"PLAIN", 2]; hint str allActiveTitleEffects; // [0]
Example 2:
21 cutText ["Hello World!", "PLAIN", 2]; hint str allActiveTitleEffects; // [21]
Example 3:
cutText ["Hello World!", "PLAIN", 2]; titleText ["Hello World!", "PLAIN", 2]; hint str allActiveTitleEffects; // [-1, 0]

Additional Information

See also:
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