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<!-- CONTINUE Notes -->
<!-- CONTINUE Notes -->
<dl class="command_description">
<dl class="command_description">
<dd class="notedate">Posted on August 30, 2018 - 15:42 (UTC)</dd>
<dd class="notedate">Posted on August 30, 2018 - 15:42 (UTC)</dd>
<dt class="note">[[User:.kju|.kju]]</dt>
<dt class="note">[[User:.kju|.kju]]</dt>

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Description needed
Unit Inventory


Syntax needed
unit: Object
muzzle: String - muzzle of a weapon. See the topic Weapons for reference about possible values.
Return Value:
Return value needed


Example 1:
_count = player ammo "M16"; //returns 30 in case of a full magazine
Example 2:
_count = player ammo "M203Muzzle";
Example 3:
_count = player ammo primaryWeapon player;

Additional Information

See also:


Report bugs on the Feedback Tracker and/or discuss them on the Arma Discord or on the Forums.
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Posted on February 17, 2012
OA 1.60: The command works (now?) also for units in vehicles. However only for the vehicle's gunners' weapons - aka those returned by "weapons vehicle".
Posted on August 30, 2018 - 15:42 (UTC)
Actually the command wants the currentMuzzle (gunner _vehicle) as parameter - not the weapon class. Most of the time both are the same. However when you have custom modes[] for the weapons, this is likely not true.