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Gets interpolated value based on Bézier curve with given control points (progress value is 0...1 for a curve that starts at pos0 and finishes at posN)


progress bezierInterpolation [pos0, pos1,... posN]
progress: Number - interpolation value
[pos0, pos1,... posN]: Array
pos: Array in format Position3D
Return Value:
Array - a single point position in format Position3D based on progress value


Example 1:
Quick demonstration that spawns some spheres around player object:for "_i" from 0 to 1 step 0.05 do { createVehicle ["Sign_Sphere10cm_F",(_i bezierInterpolation [ player modelToWorld [0,0,0], player modelToWorld [0,2,2], player modelToWorld [2,0,2], player modelToWorld [0,0,4] ]),[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; };
Example 2:
Create a map marker curve from 4 control points with overlap (progress is -0.5...1.5 instead of 0...1):private _controlPoints = [[100,-90],[200,-30],[150,60],[100,90]] apply { player getRelPos _x }; { private _marker = createMarkerLocal [str _x, _x]; _marker setMarkerTypeLocal "mil_objective"; _marker setMarkerTextLocal ("P" + str _forEachIndex); } forEach _controlPoints; for "_i" from -0.5 to 1.5 step 0.01 do { private _marker = createMarkerLocal [str _i, _i bezierInterpolation _controlPoints]; _marker setMarkerTypeLocal "mil_dot"; }; openMap true;

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