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| Return root of config entries hierarchy.<br />
| Return root of config entries hierarchy.<br />
See [[AllInOne Config]] for a full config extract as example. |= Description
See [[AllInOne Config]] for a full config extract as example. |DESCRIPTION=
| [[Config]] <nowiki>=</nowiki> '''configFile''' |= Syntax
| [[Config]] <nowiki>=</nowiki> '''configFile''' |SYNTAX=
| [[Config]] |= Return value
| [[Config]] |RETURNVALUE=
|x1= <code>_isMyClassActive = [[isClass]] ([[configFile]] / "CfgPatches" / "MyClass");</code> |= Example 1
|x1= <code>_isMyClassActive = [[isClass]] ([[configFile]] / "CfgPatches" / "MyClass");</code> |EXAMPLE1=
| [[configClasses]], [[configProperties]], [[missionConfigFile]], [[campaignConfigFile]], [[config/name]], [[config greater greater name|config >> name]], [[configName]], [[count]], [[getArray]], [[getText]], [[getNumber]], [[inheritsFrom]], [[isArray]], [[isClass]], [[isNumber]], [[isText]], [[select]], [[configHierarchy]], [[getMissionConfigValue]] |= See also
| [[configClasses]], [[configProperties]], [[missionConfigFile]], [[campaignConfigFile]], [[config/name]], [[config greater greater name|config >> name]], [[configName]], [[count]], [[getArray]], [[getText]], [[getNumber]], [[inheritsFrom]], [[isArray]], [[isClass]], [[isNumber]], [[isText]], [[select]], [[configHierarchy]], [[getMissionConfigValue]] |SEEALSO=

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Introduced with Armed Assault version 1.001.00
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Return root of config entries hierarchy.
See AllInOne Config for a full config extract as example.


Config = configFile
Return Value:


Example 1:
_isMyClassActive = isClass (configFile / "CfgPatches" / "MyClass");

Additional Information

See also:
configClassesconfigPropertiesmissionConfigFilecampaignConfigFileconfig/nameconfig >> nameconfigNamecountgetArraygetTextgetNumberinheritsFromisArrayisClassisNumberisTextselectconfigHierarchygetMissionConfigValue


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Posted on Jul 19, 2014 - 20:08
(ArmA3 1.24) It is recommended to use configClasses instead of BIS_fnc_getCfgSubClasses and BIS_fnc_uniqueClasses on subclasses collection or conditional selection. _faces = "true" configClasses (configFile >> "Cfgfaces"); //same as: _faces = (configfile >> "CfgFaces") call BIS_fnc_getCfgSubClasses; //Extract all animals: animals = "((configName _x) isKindOf 'animal')" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgVehicles"); /*same as: aniamls = []; [(configFile >> "CfgVehicles"),{ if ((configName _this) isKindOf “animal”) then { animals set [ count animals, _this] } } ] call BIS_fnc_uniqueClasses;*/ Return nested subclasses, currently still BIS_fnc_returnChildren //Return all nested config classes.
[(configFile >> "CfgFaces"),1, true, true ] call BIS_fnc_returnChildren;

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