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|1.00|Game version=
|1.00|Game version=
|gr1= GUI Control |GROUP1=
|gr1= GUI Control |GROUP1=
|gr1= GUI Control |GROUP1=

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Posted on February 8, 2016 - 22:43 (UTC)
Bull A
When using this command, the cursor will change for the whole display, resulting in visual glitches. Adding the onMouseMoving event handler can help solve this problem: _control ctrlAddEventHandler ["MouseMoving",{ _this params [ ["_mapCtrl",controlNull,[[[controlNull]]]], ["_xPos",-1,[0]], ["_yPos",-1,[0]], ["_mouseIn",false,[[[true]]]] ]; if (_mouseIn) then { // Mouse is in control area _mapCtrl ctrlMapCursor ["","Track"]; } else { // Mouse is out of control area, goes back to arrow _mapCtrl ctrlMapCursor ["","Arrow"]; }; }];