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deleteVehicle object

Operand types:

object: Object

Type of returned value:



Added in version 1.34


Delete any unit or vehicle.

Only vehicles inserted in editor or created during mission can be deleted.

Player unit cannot be deleted.


deleteVehicle tankOne


(1) Since this function will not delete a player unit, a useful multiplayer application is the removal of AI created by players leaving the game. If you run deleteVehicle for every playable soldier, the AI units will be removed.

( 2) If unit1 is a living unit that is currently located inside a vehicle then
deleteVehicle unit1
will result in some very strange, and unwelcome, things happening. A safe way to delete unit1 if it is, or might be, inside a vehicle is:

unassignVehicle unit1
unit1 setPos [0,0,0]
deleteVehicle unit1

(3) You need have no concern over attempting to access deleted units in subsequent scripts.
The line:
if (alive unit1) then {hint"He is alive"} else {hint"Oh no he's not"}
works just fine for units that have been deleted.